Which COVID Tests Can Detect The COVID Omicron Variant 

With the pandemic still running rampant in our communities, being educated about how the virus works and how our prevention and testing methods are useful can minimize our exposure. Keeping communities safe is everyone’s goal. Being proactive about staying healthy and knowing when to be tested or quarantined can aid in preventing further spread.

 Types of Tests

There are a few types of COVID-19 tests available, each with its pros and cons. Most can be obtained at pharmacies, physician offices, hospitals, urgent care centers, or over the counter.

These are tests often referred to as molecular tests. We see them commonly on sites as PCR, antigen, and rapid tests. Their purpose is to locate any active COVID-19 infection at the time of testing. The earlier you get tested, the more accurate the results.

These tests are more often completed by medical professionals and are more sensitive to finding active cases of COVID-19. They are designed to find even small amounts of the virus and can catch these identifiers sooner than other tests. Due to this, they are more accurate.

Antigen tests usually can produce quicker results, but they are not as sensitive to finding the virus. They are more readily available and can be done at home. It is best to have your antigen tests confirmed with a PCR test; however, because it is more easily accessible, it can be great for options where you are in a bind.

  • Antibody Tests

Antibody testing does not confirm any case of COVID-19 but rather tests to see if the body has already been exposed or has contracted the virus historically. This is great to know if your body has any antibodies to fight the virus. However, it’s important to keep in mind that due to variants, antibodies do not mean you are immune to COVID-19.

When to Get Tested

One of the most important ways we can bring a halt to this virus is to remain cautious and respectful of others in our community. If you feel ill or have been exposed to someone who tested positive, get tested and quarantine until you have results. Common symptoms to watch out for with COVID-19 include congestion, fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, and sore throat. Even if you feel well but have been exposed, you should get tested since many people contract COVID-19 without any symptoms.

If you need to be tested, consider the safest and easiest method for you and your family. You can usually schedule testing through urgent care centers or pharmacies in your local area. Drip Hydration offers in-home testing that makes it convenient for you and your family or roommates to get tested without having to worry about going out into the community. We offer rapid antigen, standard PCR, rapid PCR, and antibody testing. To book your appointment today, call your closest Drip Hydration location.

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