IV therapy can help addiction recovery programs

Why Addiction is Hard to Beat and How NAD Can Help

There’s no two ways about it: beating addiction is hard. Withdrawals and cravings lead many people to relapse and resume their habits. However, if you’re serious about getting clean, then NAD for addiction can be a part of your toolkit for success.

What is Drug Addiction?

NAD for addictionDrug addiction is a disease in which an individual regularly seeks out drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, opiates, or any other illicit substance. Users initially start thinking that they do have control over their drug usage. Over time, however, larger doses may be needed, and many people become reliant on drugs to feel a baseline of normal.
Individuals who are addicted to drugs experience a decrease in self-control in their personal and professional lives. Some types of drug use can lead to destructive habits or significant lifestyle changes. These changes can impact the lives of friends and family members if left untreated.

How NAD Can Help You Beat Addiction

NAD is a co-enzyme that occurs naturally in the body. These natural reserves can become depleted over time due to factors such as stress and anxiety, neurodegenerative diseases, and aging. Addiction and substance abuse can also deplete your body’s reserves of NAD.
NAD is typically associated with improving your energy levels and reversing the effects of aging. In addition to these, NAD can help you throughout the recovery process so you can get clean.

NAD for addiction can help:

  • Reduce cravings
  • Mitigate symptoms of withdrawal
  • Detoxify your body
  • Assist with brain restoration and neurotransmitter repair
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Normalize your mood

Addiction takes a heavy toll on your body and avoiding relapse can be hard. Your body craves the good feelings that it experienced while you were using. Resisting these cravings for the weeks it takes to overcome withdrawal can be incredibly taxing. NAD can reduce or eliminate the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that cause many people to relapse.
Even after you have stopped taking drugs and are on the path to recovery, substance abuse has caused damage to your body. Your brain and body alike need time to recover, and NAD can help by boosting your energy levels and detoxify your body. On top of that, NAD improves mental focus and cognitive function so you’ll be able to enjoy renewed mental clarity.

Delivery IV NAD for Addiction

IV therapy can help addiction recovery programsNAD is not a miracle cure, and it can’t erase addiction overnight. However, infusions of this powerful coenzyme are an ideal addition to your toolkit to help you avoid the chance of relapse. Infusions of NAD can last five or more hours, which could mean spending most of your day at a clinic for this beneficial treatment. That’s why Drip Hydration is perfect for individuals who want to beat addiction but may not be able to spend so much time at a clinic. Our nurses deliver NAD therapy directly to you wherever you are in Los Angeles, whether you’re at home, at the office, at a hotel, or elsewhere. That way, whether you’re at work or at home, you can have NAD therapy on your time.