Why is IV Hydration Better Than Drinking Fluids?

Why is IV Hydration Better Than Drinking Fluids?

Why is IV Hydration Better Than Drinking Fluids?Hydration is essential to everyone especially people who lead active fast paced lives like the in habitants of Los Angeles. What they often don’t realize until they are deep in the grips of the effects of dehydration that contribute to their suffering. The same can be said of the severe aches and pains that come with exercising vigorously without have been properly hydrated. So it’s no surprise that these active and engaged people are always looking for a way to properly hydrate quickly. The question is which method of hydration is better IV hydration or drinking fluids?








IV Fluids Hydrate You Faster Than Drinking Water

How can IV Fluids Hydrate you faster Than Drinking Fluids?

Your first impulse when you feel dehydrated might be to head for the tap or grab a bottle of water. This will get the fluids you need back in your system, and make you feel a bit better, but does it actually take care of the issue efficiently? The fact is that thirst is a complex physiological state and the process of water actually reaching the parts of your body that have been depleted is a bit more involved than you think.
When you chug water the only part of your body that you are hydrating effectively is actually the tissue in your mouth. The only part of your digestive system that properly absorbs fluids is the lower gastrointestinal tract, specifically the large intestine. This means that the effectiveness of quickly drinking water is greatly reduced by the distance it has to travel and the fact that it must be absorbed. IV hydration by passes this whole ordeal by working through the circulatory system, which is known for absorbing nutrients fast than the gut and more efficiently as it delivers nutrients right into the body. Remember it takes the body approximately two hours to absorb through the stomach. Additionally, the body only absorbs a liter of water an hour. At times your body can be as much as 3 to 4 liters of water short especially if you have been vomiting or exercising vigorously.

IV Hydration to Fight the effects of Dehydration

Drip Hydration IV Hydration for DehydrationSome of the worst effects of dehydration include nausea, lethargy, and stomach cramps which makes it particularly difficult to keep fluids that are consumed orally down in the gut. This is another issue with drinking fluids like water if you are too dehydrated your body might not effectively process any of the liquids. With an IV infusion, you can bypass these issues and give your body what it needs to recover from dehydration. Some IV hydration bags are even concocted to counteract the effects of heartburn, exhaustion and nausea, but their true value is their ability to deliver hydration more efficiently than simply drinking water.


IV Hydration Treatment Additives

Receiving IV hydration therapy typically involves more than just the rehydrating saline in the liquid. Many people opt for IV hydration therapy bags that contain things like vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants, anti-nausea drugs and other anti-emetics that are often prescribed by a doctor. The fact that IV hydration bags contain things like Zofran (ondansetron), makes them superior to just drinking water. Additionally, because IV hydration bypasses the stomach there is no chance of you throwing these nutrients up while you cope with your nausea. IV hydration therapy is in many ways superior to drinking water, but it is still important for a person to drink plenty of fluids. However, if you are in need of significant rehydration then opting for IV hydration over drinking fluids is the better choice.