Why is IV Hydration Better than Drinking Fluids for Treating Dehydration?

Left untreated, dehydration can cause a host of issues from dry skin to low energy, and even hospital visits in worst-case scenarios. When it comes to quickly rehydrating your body, IV hydration is better than drinking fluids for treating dehydration. Here’s how.

Oral Versus Intravenous Absorption

Dehydration occurs when your body doesn’t have as much water as it needs to function properly. There are varying levels of dehydration, which range from mild to severe.

When you’re dehydrated, the first thing you will probably do is grab a glass or bottle of water. Although hydrating this way is easy and takes care of mild dehydration given some time, oral hydration isn’t as efficient as it may seem.

Your digestive system has to use some of the water you’ve ingested to process the liquid at all. IV hydration therapy is administered directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach, where it is instantly available to your cells for fast, 100% absorption.

Symptoms of dehydration include:

  • Headache
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Infrequent urine
  • Dry mouth
  • Thirst

Mild dehydration can be corrected easily by drinking water or eating fluid-rich foods such as fruit or vegetables. Moderate and severe dehydration, on the other hand, can be quickly corrected with IV hydration therapy.

How Long Does it Take to Hydrate Your Body?

treating dehydrationThere isn’t a single set time for how long it takes to hydrate your body. The time it takes to fully rehydrate depends on a lot of factors, including:

  • What you are drinking (water, fruit juice, electrolyte-infused sports beverage, etc,.)
  • How dehydrated you are (mild, moderate, or severe)
  • Your size and weight
  • How active you have been (in other words, if you’ve been crushing it at the gym, you’ll be far more dehydrated than someone who has been out for a walk for the same amount of time)
  • If you are sick or fighting off an illness (your body needs more fluids than usual when you’re ill)
  • If you are recovering from surgery

Rehydrating with a glass of water can take an hour or more, especially if you have been exercising. IV hydration, on the other hand, gets to work immediately regardless of whether you are mildly or severely dehydrated.

Although IV hydration may not be practical for everyday use, this treatment is very valuable when it comes to treating dehydration, especially dehydration that results from illness or sports.

IV Hydration and Athletes

treating dehydrationHydration is essential for everyone, but athletes put a greater demand on their bodies than most. Both amateur and professional athletes burn through fluids and electrolytes while working out and, especially in hot weather, can easily become dehydrated.

IV hydration is ideal for athletes. This treatment rehydrates your body quickly, preventing the muscle cramps and other symptoms of dehydration and improving your recovery time. IV hydration therapy is an ideal part of your training recovery plan. Drip Hydration brings IV treatments directly to you whether you’re at the track, the gym, or the finish line.

IV Hydration and Illness

treating dehydrationYour body needs a baseline of fluids to maintain proper function. When you’re sick, your body needs even more fluids than usual to help you fight off your illness. On top of that, you may be further depleted if you are vomiting or unable to keep down a glass of water.

Surgery can be another reason you may not be able to drink enough water to prevent you from becoming dehydrated, especially surgery in your gastrointestinal tract. Nausea can be a side effect of certain medications, making the idea of eating or drinking the last thing you want to think about.

Staying hydrated is especially important when you’re ill. Dehydration can lead to many potential problems such as heart palpitations, blood pressure fluctuations, general malaise. In worst case scenarios, severe dehydration can require you to visit the emergency room. Preventing dehydration is the best way to not only avoid complications, but help your body recover from your illness quickly.

Whether you’re unable to ingest water due to illness or want to prevent dehydration before it starts, IV hydration is a great solution for many people. In addition to the benefits of 30-minute hydration delivered directly to your door, Drip Hydration offers several IV add-ons that can help shorten your recovery time and bring you relief from your symptoms.

Our IV Add-Ons for Illness include:

  • High-dose vitamin C: An ideal supplement for cancer patients and individuals with colds alike. A supercharged dose of this antioxidant helps remove free radicals from your body and provides immune support for a faster recovery.
  • Glutathione push: A powerful antioxidant that helps flush out free radicals and toxins from your body to improve your recovery time.
  • Anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications: Essential add-ons that bring you fast relief from your symptoms.
  • Saline solution: Fluids that not only hydrate you, but help your body process and flush out the toxins and free radicals your body produces while you are sick.

In addition to our nine proprietary formulas, we also offer custom-blended IV treatments to address your specific wellness needs.

IV Hydration and Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is usually caused by bacteria or a virus that is present in contaminated food. This illness is intense but usually resolves on its own within a few days. During that time, however, you may experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. You may also find that it’s impossible to keep anything down – fluids or otherwise – which makes you especially susceptible to becoming dehydrated. Dehydration can prolong the duration of your illness and further compound on the symptoms of food poisoning.

IV hydration is ideal to keep you hydrated while you are recovering from food poisoning. Because IV therapy bypasses your stomach as fluids are administered directly into your bloodstream, you won’t have to worry about trying to ingest anything.

Best of all, anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medication can be added to any of our IVs for fast and effective relief from your symptoms. Many of our patients experience relief from food poisoning within 30 – 45 minutes.

Drip Hydration Brings IV Hydration Directly to You, Wherever You Are

When it comes to ways to rehydrate yourself, you don’t have to worry about a shortage of options. Water is always a great option for rehydrating. Electrolyte-infused beverages and fruit juice without added sugars can help restore nutrients lost while you are exercising or sweating and are ideal options for athletes or people just enjoying a festival in the sun.

However, when you’re moderately or severely dehydrated, IV hydration is better than drinking water to restore the fluids in your body quickly.

Drip Hydration is a mobile IV service that can help you hydrate quickly whether you’ve had an intense training session, are recovering from food poisoning or another illness, or are just feeling a little depleted. Our Dehydration IV takes 30 – 45 minutes to administer depending on the individual, making this treatment a fast and effective solution to your hydration woes.

Drip Hydration brings mobile IV therapy services to neighborhoods, offices, hotels, outdoor festivals, and more in Los Angeles and Manhattan.

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