Telomere Testing

We deliver telomere tests to you, a convenient, accurate assessment of your relative rate of biological aging, and offer guidance on how best to slow the aging process.

telomere testingKnow If You Are Aging at a Normal Rate

Your numerical age and your biological age are two different things. Telomere testing measures whether you are aging at a normal rate as compared with other individuals in your age bracket.

Our Nurse Comes to You

Our certified nurse comes to your home or office to take blood (a fast process), which we then take back to the lab for testing.

Test Results & Personalized Consultation

Once your blood work is in, we not only talk with you about your results, we can recommend ways to slow your aging rate and promote a naturally younger and healthier you. You’ll receive a full documentation of your test results along with an explanation and treatment recommendations.

When you know what you can do to promote telomere longevity, you can make better health decisions to optimize a long and healthy life.

After the Lab Test: Telomere Treatment Options

Many health issues can be treated quickly and effectively with our custom IV therapy and vitamin treatments, and some require a more in-depth medical management program, available with our medical director Dr. Abe Malkin.

Who Can Benefit from Telomere Testing

telomere testingTelomeres are the protective caps at the end of your DNA that to reduce replication errors. Telomeres naturally shorten with age and contribute to your body’s rate of aging. Telomere testing measures the length of your telomeres and compares the results to other people in your age range. The test is a marker of how old your body is and whether your telomeres are aging at a normal rate.

Telomere testing can benefit individuals who are interested in identifying and improving factors that contribute to an accelerated rate of aging.

Telomere length is influenced by many different factors, including:

  • Genetics: An inherent factor which cannot be controlled.
  • Stress: Stress reduction techniques can help slow the aging process.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise slows the aging rate of your telomeres in addition to improving other aspects of your health.
  • Diet: Healthy diets that are low in trans fats and high in antioxidants can naturally promote a younger you.

Book Telomere Lab Tests Delivered to You

telomere testingTelomere testing is an easy, accurate way to identify if and when you should make lifestyle changes to increase your longevity.

A simple blood test is all you need to determine the length of your telomeres. Instead of you taking time out of your day to drive to your local clinic and wait in line to have blood drawn, Drip Hydration comes to you, saving you the hassle of navigating through Los Angeles traffic.

We can help you improve your health at a cellular level for a long and healthy life. Give us a call or book an appointment online today!