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We provide Ketamine IV treatments in Miami to help individuals with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction.


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Discover The Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

A New Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression and Chronic Pain


Ketamine has gained FDA approval for its fast-acting relief of depressive symptoms, particularly in treatment-resistant cases.

Rapid Symptom

Ketamine can rapidly reduce symptoms of depression and PTSD, often within hours of treatment.

Improved Mood Regulation

Ketamine has been shown to help rebalance neurotransmitters, leading to improved mood and emotional stability.

Valuable Therapeutic Insight

Ketamine therapy has been observed to facilitate enhanced self-awareness and introspection, supporting more effective psychotherapy.

Lasting Treatment Effects

With a proper treatment plan, ketamine has been associated with long-term improvement in mental health conditions.

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Ketamine IV Therapy $1299
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Ketamine IV Therapy

Confronting unyielding mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and PTSD can be profoundly discouraging. Combining therapy, counseling, and coaching is pivotal. Our Ketamine IV therapy offers clarity and a spiritual dimension as an alternative to prescription drugs. Our medical professionals bring and administer Ketamine IV in the comfort of your home in Miami


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Available Addons

NAD, anti-nausea, antacid


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Pre & post procedure recommendations

How do I prepare for an appointment?

Don’t eat anything 4-6 hours before treatment. Clear out your schedule for much of the day to lower your stress levels. It is not recommended to have the session late at night as treatment may impact sleep.

What are the post-session recommendations?

Avoid large social gatherings and work obligations in the coming days as you may feel vulnerable. Avoid driving or the use of machinery for 4-6 hours after treatment.

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