NAD+ Nasal Spray

Renew & Invigorate

NAD is essential to cellular health and function, but levels naturally decline as we age. We offer self-administered NAD+ nasal sprays to quickly replenish NAD levels. Treatments can promote a variety of anti-aging benefits, including increased energy, improved brain clarity and focus, improved metabolic function, and more. Intranasal delivery allows for quicker access to brain cells.


Best Uses for
NAD Nasal Spray


Clear brain fog

Improve mental clarity

Metabolic function

Boost energy

Memory & concentration

Improve athletic performance

Superior immune support

Detox & cleanse

Support addiction recovery

How It Works


Online consultation with one of our team members.  

NAD Nasal Spray Shipment

Receive shipment of your NAD Nasal Spray to your home.


Intranasal delivery allows for easy self-administration.


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  • One 15ml bottle 300mg/ml concentration (30mg/spray) Good for approx. 150 sprays
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