NAD+ Nasal Spray

Renew & Invigorate

NAD is essential to cellular health and function, but levels naturally decline as we age. We offer self-administered NAD+ nasal sprays to quickly replenish NAD levels. Treatments can promote a variety of anti-aging benefits, including increased energy, improved brain clarity and focus, improved metabolic function, and more. Intranasal delivery allows for quicker access to brain cells.

INGREDIENTS: NAD+. One 15ml bottle 300mg/ml concentration (30mg/spray). Good for approximately 150 sprays.

Best Uses for
NAD Nasal Spray


Clear brain fog

Improve mental clarity

Metabolic function

Boost energy

Memory & concentration

Improve athletic performance

Superior immune support

Detox & cleanse

Support recovery

How It Works

Online consultation with one of our team members. 

Receive shipment of your NAD Nasal Spray to your home.

Intranasal delivery allows for easy self-administration.


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