The Longevity Membership

The Longevity Membership

Your Longevity Wellness Journey Starts Here The Longevity Membership is a holistic approach to improving and optimizing your health. We've curated the finest treatments, combining cutting-edge advancements in mental health, physical fitness, emotional wellness, and overall wellbeing.

Why Choose Our Longevity Membership?

Invest In Your Future Self.
Longevity isn't just about living longer; it's about living better. Here are reasons why you should join:

Uncover Your Health Journey

Navigate a personalized path to well-being through annual lab work uncovering your unique health trajectory.


Revitalize with the latest advancement in anti-aging – Peptide, NAD, Regenerative IV and more.

Flexible Membership Options

Personalize your health plan with membership options tailored just for you.

Trusted Health 

We provide concierge-level care to support your journey to healthier you. 

Longevity Tracking

Track your progress with our regular biological age testing to see your longevity improve over time.

Longevity Membership Options

Explore our exclusive Longevity Membership options designed to meet your unique health and wellness goals.

HSA/FSA Eligible
  • Bronze

  • $999/month
  • What’s included:

    • Biannual Biological Age Testing
    • Biannual Wellness Review
    • Monthly Sermorelin Peptide
      (Nasal Spray or Self-Injection)
    • Monthly NAD
      (Nasal Spray or Self-Injection)

  • Silver

  • $1999/month
  • What’s included:

    • Biannual Biological Age Testing
    • Biannual Wellness Review
    • Monthly Sermorelin Peptide
      (Nasal Spray or Self-Injection)
    • Monthly NAD
      (Nasal Spray or Self-Injection)
    • Monthly NAD Boost IV

  • Gold

  • $2999/month
  • What’s included:

    • Biannual Biological Age Testing
    • Biannual Wellness Review
    • Monthly Sermorelin Peptide
      (Nasal Spray or Self-Injection)
    • Monthly NAD
      (Nasal Spray or Self-Injection)
    • Monthly NAD Boost IV
    • Quarterly Regenerative IV

A Closer Look: A Cutting Edge Wellness Program

Learn more about each treatment and test and the unique benefits they offer.

Take Your Health to the Next Level

Self-Administered NAD+

Enhance your cellular health and overall well-being with NAD+. This personalized solution elevates your energy levels and promotes longevity and is great for NAD+ maintenance.

  • Improve mental function
  • Boost energy levels
  • Enhance Concentration

Available in self-injection or nasal spray
*The treatment is included in all Membership Plans

Get More Out Of Your Workouts

Self-Administered Sermorelin Peptide Therapy

Sermorelin, a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), aids the body in producing natural growth hormone (GH), addressing aging concerns, and facilitating weight loss. Its broad spectrum of benefits includes support for lean muscle mass, enhanced physical endurance, and overall well-being.

  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Improve Physical Endurance
  • Increase Muscle Mass

Available in self-injection or nasal spray
*The treatment is included in all Membership Plans

Heal From Within

In-Home Regenerative IV Therapy

Experience the transformative benefits of our Regenerative IV Therapy. This breakthrough treatment utilizes tiny cellular messengers to promote cellular renewal and vitality. Ideal for those seeking a cutting-edge approach to wellness, it fosters overall rejuvenation and offers unparalleled benefits for various aspects of your well-being.

  • Support Immune System
  • Repair damaged tissue
  • Boost Cellular Renewal

*The treatment is included in the Gold Membership Plan Only

Unlock Mental Clarity

In-Home NAD+ Boost IV Therapy

Unlock your potential with the power of NAD IV Therapy. NAD+ is involved in energy production, DNA repair, and the maintenance of healthy cellular function. By replenishing NAD+ levels, the therapy aims to boost overall energy, enhance mental clarity, and promote cellular repair, contributing to improvements in longevity and stress resilience.

  • Combat Aging Effects
  • Optimize Brain Function
  • Promote Cellular Repair

*The treatment is included in the Silver and Gold Membership Plans

Track Your Longevity Progress

Biological Age Testing - Answers to Take Action

Our Epigenetic test tells you how old you really are from a biological standpoint, and analyzes how fast or slow your body is currently aging on a cellular level. Your true biological age is one of the most accurate predictors of chronic disease and life-threatening disease. By testing your epigenetic age, you can measure and effectively address your risk factors for all diseases.

Hear From Our Clients

Each of our reviews is a testament to the warmth, professionalism, and personalized attention we bring to every appointment. Your health journey is our passion, and these stories inspire us to continue providing exceptional care.

Have Questions?

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What is a Longevity Membership?

Our longevity membership has a focus on anti-aging, disease prevention, and health optimization, Drip Hydration offers wellness solutions designed by medical and science innovators. We do this by providing scientifically validated therapies for reversing the aging process, preventing chronic disease, and optimizing health and well-being.

What sets The Longevity Membership apart from traditional health plans?

Unlike traditional plans, we focus not just on longevity but on living better. Our curated treatments, personalized paths, and advanced regenerative therapies make us pioneers in the pursuit of optimal well-being.

How does lab work contribute to my well-being?

Lab work is your compass on this health journey. It unveils your unique health trajectory, guiding us to tailor a personalized plan that addresses your specific needs and goals.

What makes Regenerative IV Therapy a cutting-edge approach to wellness?

The Regenerative IV contains tiny cellular messengers, which contribute to cellular renewal and vitality. The in-home IV therapy harnesses its regenerative power, offering benefits that go beyond the surface for a truly advanced approach to well-being.

Is there scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of treatments like Peptide and NAD?

Absolutely. Our treatments are backed by scientific research showcasing their effectiveness in promoting cellular health, vitality, and overall well-being. We’re dedicated to staying at the forefront of advancements in longevity science.

How do I know which membership tier is right for me?

Choosing a tier depends on your health and wellness goals. Our team is here to guide you through the options, ensuring you select the membership that aligns with your aspirations for a healthier and more vibrant life.

What role does concierge-level care play in my journey?

Our concierge-level care ensures that you’re not just a member but a valued partner in your well-being. We’re here to provide personalized support, answer your questions, and make your longevity journey as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

How soon can I start experiencing the benefits of The Longevity Membership?

The journey begins the moment you join. Depending on the treatment, you may start feeling the positive effects shortly after, with cumulative benefits contributing to your overall well-being over time. Your longevity transformation is just a step away!

Is there a commitment period for the Memberships?

Memberships are billed every month with a 1-year minimum.