Heavy Metals Testing

We deliver heavy metals testing to you, a convenient, accurate way to learn which metals you have been exposed to at toxic levels and offer guidance on how to bring your metals back into balance.

heavy metals testingKnow What is Causing Your Symptoms

You may encounter dozens of heavy metal toxins on a given day without being aware of the exposure. Heavy metals testing identifies whether toxins have built up in your body so that you can know when to change your diet, cleanse your body, or avoid certain environmental factors.

Our Nurse Comes to You

Our certified nurse comes to your home or office to take blood (a fast process), which we then take back to the lab for testing.

Test Results & Personalized Consultation

Once your blood work is in, we not only talk with you about your results, we can recommend ways to cleanse and detox your body. You’ll receive a full documentation of your test results along with an explanation and treatment recommendations.

When you know what’s causing your symptoms and your likeliest sources of heavy metals exposure, you can make adjustments to your lifestyle to minimize your family’s exposure to heavy metals and prevent long-term toxin buildup.

After the Lab Test: Heavy Metals Poisoning Treatment Options

Many health issues can be treated quickly and effectively with our custom IV therapy and vitamin treatments, and some require a more in-depth medical management program, available with our medical director Dr. Abe Malkin.

Who Can Benefit from Heavy Metals Testing?

heavy metals testingWe are exposed to heavy metals in our daily routines from sources such as food or our work or living environment. These high-density elements include mercury, lead, arsenic, selenium, and cadmium, all of which occur naturally in the environment. Heavy metals can also be produced from as manmade sources.

The people most at risk of developing heavy metal toxicity are people who are exposed to these contaminants in a workplace environment, but these metals are often in the foods we eat and the water we drink. Heavy metals testing can benefit anyone who wants to make sure that their bodies aren’t accumulating toxic metals and potentially causing long-term illnesses.

Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include:

  • Fatigue
  • Memory and cognition changes
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Decreased coordination
  • Digestive changes

Many of these symptoms overlap with other conditions. Without a lab test, it can be difficult to determine if heavy metal buildup is the exact cause of your symptoms.