Inflammation Testing

We deliver inflammation testing to you, a convenient and accurate way to identify chronic inflammation so you prevent disease by adjusting your diet and lifestyle.

inflammation zonesLearn if Your Body Has Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural part of your body’s defense system, playing a large role in wound and injury healing as well as fighting off viruses and bacteria. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is a long-term response during which the continual healing and destruction of tissue and cells at the affected area eventually leads to changes at the cellular level.

A blood test is an accurate, convenient way to determine if you have chronic inflammation.

Our Nurse Comes to You

Our certified nurse comes to your home or office to take blood (a fast process), which we then take back to the lab for testing.

Test Results and Personalized Consultation

Once your test results are available, we coordinate a consultation to review the results and provide specific recommendations on dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce chronic inflammation. You’ll receive a full documentation of your test results along with an explanation and treatment recommendations.

When you know whether you have chronic inflammation, you can make better health decisions for you and your family so that everyone can feel their best for years to come.

After the Lab Test:  Inflammation Treatment Options

Chronic inflammation can be treated quickly and effectively with our custom IV therapy and vitamin treatments. Some people benefit from a more in-depth medical management program, available with our medical director Dr. Abe Malkin.

Everyone Can Benefit from Inflammation Testing

A person wearing blue gloves holding a tube filled with bloodAcute inflammation is a normal part of your immune response system, helping to repair injuries or speed along recovery from an illness. In general, acute inflammation lasts a few weeks and goes away after the injury or illness has passed.

Acute inflammation can be caused by:

  • Injuries (cuts, scrapes, sprains, bruises)
  • Short-term illnesses (eg. cold, flu, food poisoning)
  • Infections (bacterial or viral)

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, occurs when your body’s immune response persists even after the injury or illness is over. Chronic inflammation damages your tissues and cells, contributing to a wide range of long-term conditions.

Detecting inflammation is an essential part of preventive health care. This fast, convenient blood test can identify whether inflammation is present in your body.

If you find that you have inflammation, you can seek further testing to determine the cause of this condition. From there, you can make dietary and lifestyle changes that can help reduce and potentially prevent long-term damage.

Symptoms of inflammation include:

  • Memory loss and neurological changes
  • Loss of sensation in fingers, legs, arms, or toes
  • Weight loss
  • Changes in appetite
  • Nausea
  • Redness and swelling on the skin
  • Skin is hot to the touch
  • Pain or stiffness in joints
  • Discomfort in muscles
  • Flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, or fatigue
  • Headaches

What to expect from Inflammation testing:

  1. Determine whether inflammation is present in your body
  2. Identify whether your inflammation is chronic or acute with additional testing
  3. If you have chronic inflammation, further testing will help identify where the inflammation may be located in your body
  4. Make dietary and lifestyle adjustments per your doctor’s recommendations

Book Inflammation Lab Tests Delivered to You

micronutrient testingAt-home inflammation testing is a snap with Drip Hydration. Our trained and certified nurse comes to you wherever you are in Los Angeles, whether you’re at home, at the office, or even at the gym. All we need is a blood sample to determine what is causing your inflammation. We bring the inflammation test directly to you, saving you time and providing you the answers you want. Make an appointment today by giving us a call or booking online.