Can You Get At-Home NAD Injections in Phoenix?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is an essential molecule in your body. When the molecule is inactive, it is referred to as NADH. However, the active form is called NAD+. This nutrient is a coenzyme of Vitamin B3. This molecule binds to protein. This process is crucial because it is responsible for helping to improve your brain function, improves mental clarity, and helps your brain repair. A NAD+ treatment may help with symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

How to Boost NAD+

To naturally boost NAD+ in your body, you can exercise, eat vitamin-rich foods and protein. Additionally, there are NAD+ oral supplements available; however, it is challenging to absorb NAD+ across the gastrointestinal tract. Both NAD+ Injections and NAD+ IV Therapy deliver this potent molecule directly into the bloodstream without passing through your digestive system.

The Difference Between NAD+ Injections and NAD+ IV Therapy

If you’re interested in NAD+ Injections, you can order them online and administer them yourself via syringe at home in your arm, abdomen, or flank region. Although this treatment may be slightly cheaper than other options, it takes more product and sessions to have the same effect as NAD+ IV Therapy.

You can also receive NAD+ IV Therapy from the comfort of your home with Drip Hydration. This treatment option replenishes the NAD+ levels in your body with a solution administered intravenously by a registered nurse. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes or less, and many people experience immediate feelings of improvement following the first session.

If you live in the Phoenix area and are interested in getting NAD+ IV Therapy, book your service with Drip Hydration today.

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NAD plays a significant role in how your brain functions, how well you age, how well you maintain your energy levels, and how well you can focus. Although NAD levels decrease over time, you can replenish normal levels with IV treatments.

NAD IV therapy can come with a sizable cost, but in-home treatments can be valuable for health and wellness benefits as well as time. Contact us today to schedule your NAD therapy treatment. We look forward to working with you to help you feel your best!