At-Home COVID-19 Testing for Individuals, Groups & Families

Our certified nurses provide mobile COVID-19 testing in your home.

Test Options

Highest Accuracy

Nasal Swab PCR Test

This standard nasal viral PCR lab test can determine if you are currently infected with Covid-19. Results in 1-2 days (2 days if tested on Sunday).


Available in All Locations except Atlanta

Results in 15 Minutes

Rapid Antigen Test

This nasal swab test detects viral proteins and can determine if you are currently infected with COVID-19. Results in 15 minutes.


Available in All Locations

Rapid and High Accuracy

Rapid PCR Test

This rapid and highly accurate Covid-19 test uses nasal or nasal mid-turbinate swab specimens. Results in 30 minutes.


Available in: ATL, MIA, BAL, RAL, NJ & NYC

High Accuracy

Antibody Test

The Antibody COVID-19 Test is blood draw test, that is done to find out if you've had a past infection with COVID-19.


Available in: LA, OC, NJ, NYC

Rapid and High Accuracy

Rapid Antibody Test

This fingerstick rapid antibody test can detect if you were previously infected with covid-19. Results in 15 minutes.


Available in: ATL, MIA, BAL, RAL, PA

Now Servicing Cities Across the U.S.

At Home COVID-19 Testing
for Individuals, Small Groups & Families

At-home testing keeps you, family, and friends safe and healthy, all in the comfort of your home or hotel. Avoid long lines and exposure to the virus at community testing clinics.

On-site testing ensures the health, safety, and productivity of employees. We service corporations, businesses, and large groups. Recurring visits and bulk discounts available.

Group Discount Pricing

Automatic group discounts are applied to groups of 2 or more persons for all Covid-19 tests and add-ons, but do not apply to the lab fees – these fees are covered by most PPO insurance plans, however for those who do not have insurance please use the pre-pay option.

Group Size Discount % Nasal Swab PCR Rapid Antigen
1 $249 $249
2 10% $237 (pp) $237 (pp)
3+ +5% more discount (pp)

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