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How to Get Gut Microbiome Testing in Seattle

This article will discuss gut microbiome tests, how to know if you need one, its potential benefits, and how testing works.

What are gut microbiome tests?

A gut microbiome test is a variety of tests done using a stool sample. This collection of tests provides information about your gut microbiome and measures the number of bacteria, parasites, and yeasts in your gut.

Your gut microbiome consists of trillions of microorganisms (mostly bacteria) that are naturally present in your intestines. These microorganisms are responsible for digestion and nutrient absorption, and synthesis. Your gut microbiome also contributes to functions outside your digestive system, such as regulating brain function, immune system, metabolism, mood, and weight.

How do I know if I need a gut microbiome test?

You do not need to be diagnosed with a digestive health issue like irritable bowel syndrome to have a gut microbiome test done. You can have one done even if you simply want to better understand your unique microbiome makeup.

However, if you think you might have a chronic (ongoing) digestive health issue, you should ask your doctor for a gut microbiome test.

What are the benefits?

A gut microbiome test can detect and diagnose digestive health problems. It will also give you and your doctor a better understanding of what your gut microbiome contains. Everyone’s gut microbiome is different.

How does testing work?

Your doctor will need to collect a stool sample for a gut microbiome test. This stool sample will undergo several tests in a lab. The tests will examine your gut microbiome and the specific yeasts, parasites, and bacteria that live within it. When the results of the tests are ready, your doctor will contact you to review the results and discuss any necessary treatment.

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Drip Hydration enables you to get a gut microbiome test in the comfort of your own home. It is one of the most effective and straightforward methods for monitoring the health of our digestive system which consists of a comprehensive group of stool tests that assesses the gut microbiome and provides immediate clinical information about detectable parasites, bacteria, and yeasts. By booking an appointment with Drip Hydration online or over the phone, you skip the hustle of going to a doctor's office.

Once you schedule an appointment, one of our medical professionals will visit your home to collect samples for lab analysis. These lab tests are then sent to labs, where we examine them and provide you with the results, along with an interpretation of the results. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment right now and get yourself tested!