Instant Delivery

Drip Hydration brings lab tests, vaccines, IV treatments, Covid tests, beauty treatments, and anti-aging treatments directly to homes, hotels, and offices within an hour of booking your appointment.

For IVs, anti-aging, and beauty treatments, prompt delivery means fast relief from symptoms, an immediate boost of energy, and fast improvements to your appearance. Same-day vaccines can ensure that kids, adults, and travelers get their necessary shots.

For COVID-19 tests, same-day tests with rapid results quickly provide answers about whether you have COVID-19 or a different virus. These tests can also help travelers meet travel COVID testing requirements.

Rapid in-office COVID-19 testing helps business owners identify infected employees before the virus has an opportunity to spread. Same-day tests help prevent an outbreak, avoid lost revenue, and protect employees and customers alike.

Suppose you cannot keep liquids down and can't replenish your electrolytes with regular water or sports drinks. In that case, you might want an IV, as this will give your body fast hydration that bypasses your stomach, which could still be upset from the vomiting.