NAD Therapy in Oklahoma City

NAD IV Therapy, Injections, & Nasal Spray

NAD+ is an essential coenzyme that can help people reach their health goals by supporting energy production, cellular health, and more. We offer several NAD+ treatment options to fit your needs.

What is NAD?

NAD is a coenzyme that takes place in hundreds of chemical reactions throughout your body. It helps maintain DNA integrity and assists in energy production so cells can function normally.

Low levels of NAD limit the amount of energy your cells receive, which can cause cellular malfunctions that may impact metabolic function, brain health, and more. NAD levels decline naturally over time, but this process can be accelerated by stress and environmental factors.

Replenishing NAD with an IV treatment, self-injection, or nasal spray can restore normal levels of this important coenzyme and help you feel your best.

We currently offer these NAD+ treatments:

Best Uses for
NAD+ Therapy


Clear brain fog

Improve mental clarity

Metabolic function

Boost energy

Support recovery

Memory & concentration

Improve athletic performance

Superior immune support

Detox & cleanse

Support recovery

NAD+ Boost IV Treatment

NAD+ IV Therapy in Oklahoma City

NAD+ IV treatments are the most effective way to replenish low levels of NAD. IV infusions are administered directly into your bloodstream, ensuring that none of the ingredients are lost to the digestive process.

We offer in-home NAD IV treatment in Oklahoma City area. Our registered nurses come to your location and administer the NAD drip treatment.

Our NAD drip contains a blend of vitamins that help improve the effectiveness of treatment and provide longer-lasting benefits.

INGREDIENTS: NAD+, B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Glutathione Push
Shipped to You

NAD+ Self-Injections in Oklahoma City

NAD+ self-injections are a fast and simple way to increase low NAD levels that may contribute to poor cellular health and low energy levels. Since treatments bypass the digestive system, the full dose of NAD is delivered to your cells, where they can quickly get to work.

We mail NAD+ self-injections directly to you in Oklahoma City area. Our medical team packs your NAD injection together with instructions for safe use. 

NAD self-injections only take a couple of minutes to administer in the comfort of your home.

A bottle marked with the Drip Hydration symbol and a written text: "NAD+ Injections".
Shipped to You

NAD+ Nasal Spray in Oklahoma City

NAD+ nasal sprays deliver a concentrated dose of NAD into the nasal passages, where they may provide fast cognitive benefits such as improving memory and reducing brain fog. Nasal sprays bypass the digestive system and provide a high level of absorption for maximum effect.

We mail NAD+ Nasal Spray treatments directly to you in Oklahoma City area. Our medical team sends your NAD+ Spray and instructions on how to use it.

Our daily nasal spray is simple to add to any routine and only takes a couple of minutes to administer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of NAD treatment?

NAD itself is generally well-tolerated and causes few side effects. Some individuals may have allergies to certain ingredients in the treatment. 

Other side effects vary depending on the type of NAD treatment used.

How do you know if you need NAD?

NAD can help support a wide range of health targets. It is a supplement, not a drug, and is not intended to cure any illness or disease. You do not need to have a medical condition in order to take NAD or enjoy its potential benefits.

How long do treatments take?

NAD IV therapy takes 3 - 4 hours per infusion, typically a couple times per week for several weeks. The exact number of infusions will depend on your health goals and doctor’s recommendations.

How often do you need to get NAD?

The frequency of NAD treatment will depend on your health goals and the results of your consultation. 

Is NAD FDA approved?

The FDA does not review dietary supplements in their current regulations. As NAD is considered a dietary supplement, not a drug, it is not FDA approved. However, NAD is well-tolerated and causes few side effects.