Discreet IV Therapy Treatments for Individuals with Privacy Needs

IV therapy treatments can help you feel better, look great, improve your memory and cognition, and so much more. But some people, such as celebrities, high-profile individuals, and anyone who wants to be discreet about IV treatment for personal reasons, may not want to leave the house for this amazing therapy. That’s why individuals who want to protect their privacy for personal reasons can benefit from direct-delivery IV therapy in Los Angeles. Drip Hydration delivers personalized IV treatment packages directly to your door so that you can enjoy the benefits of IV therapy without having to compromise your privacy.

Direct-Delivery IVs Are Discreet and Can Protect the Privacy of:

  • Individuals undergoing drug or alcohol rehabilitation in private
  • Celebrities who want to avoid the general public
  • Individuals such as politicians and government officials seeking to maintain privacy for personal reasons

Private Concierge IV Therapy for Individuals in Alcohol Rehab Programs

IV therapy for addiction and recoveryEveryone approaches rehab differently. Some people thrive among the support of peers while others preferring to undergo therapy with as much privacy and discretion as possible.

If you are in this second camp, Drip Hydration’s NAD IV may be the perfect fit for you. Our NAD formula is an ideal supplement to rehabilitation therapy because this IV helps fight the symptoms of withdrawal, reduce cravings, and flushes your body from toxins. In addition, NAD promotes brain regeneration for clarity and focus to restore both your mind and body during rehab.

Treatments generally last two weeks, which makes direct-delivery treatments a convenient time-saver. Our nurses deliver treatment directly to you in Los Angeles, which enables you to stay in complete control of when and where you want your next treatment. You can experience the benefits of NAD, kick addiction once and for all, and enjoy total privacy and discretion during therapy.

Direct-Delivery IVs for Celebrities

private IV therapy for celebritiesBetween staying in shape, prepping for performances, transit to and from film locations, and acting, celebrities lead a busy lifestyle.

Direct-delivery IVs are a convenient, hassle-free solution for anyone seeking the benefits of IV therapy while maintaining a low profile. Because our nurses deliver treatment directly to your door, you don’t have to sit in traffic or have to deal with the paparazzi.

Given the diverse needs of most celebrities, people in the spotlight can benefit from many of our treatments:

  • Hangover IV: If you’ve had one too many drinks at a filming after-party, this IV cures hangovers within 2 hours of treatment so you can get back to feeling great.
  • Myers Cocktail IV: The classic Myers Cocktail is a great all-around IV that helps you feel your best so you can put on your best performance when the cameras are rolling.
  • Beauty IV: A specially-formulated blend of vitamins and minerals plus a boost of detoxing hydration will ensure that you not only feel great, you’ll look amazing for the stage or screen.
  • NAD IV: Regular treatments of our NAD formula can slow and reverse aging so you can look your best, improve your memory and cognition to help you remember your lines, and boost your metabolism so you can stay energized no matter how long a day on the set might be.
  • Weight Loss IV: Boost your metabolism, trim up quickly, and maintain your optimal weight with our Weight Loss IV.

Discreet and Private IV Treatments for Individuals with Reputations to Maintain

Private and discreet IV therapy for personal reasonsSome people have a reputation to maintain for personal reasons, and delivery IV therapy provides quality treatments while protecting your privacy. Politicians, government officials, law and justice officials, lawyers, and attorneys are just a few of the professionals that Drip Hydration can help.

  • All-Inclusive IV: A comprehensive IV formula that promotes whole-body wellness. Delivered directly to you, you can stay in top condition year round with minimal effort so you’re ready to handle all that life demands of you.
  • Hangover IV: Our Hangover IV cures hangovers within two hours of treatment so you can feel better and perform at your best without having to compromise your productivity.
  • Energy Boost IV: For people who travel or just need a pick-me-up to stay sharp, our Energy Boost IV privately provides you the energy you need for public-facing events.
  • NAD IV: Our NAD IV promotes anti-aging, brain health and restoration, clarity and focus, and improved energy levels to help you perform consistently year-round. With regular deliveries straight to your door, you can keep a low profile while enjoying the many benefits of NAD.

Our nurses bring treatments directly to you whether you’re at home, in a hotel, in an office, or anywhere else in Los Angeles. We take your privacy seriously and are more than happy to accommodate any special requests you may have to maximize discretion.