COVID-19 testing For Weddings

Our certified nurses can provide Rapid Antigen & Rapid PCR COVID testing at your wedding venue for your guests with results in 15 – 60 minutes.
Get your wedding guests tested safely, accurately, and efficiently.
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COVID-19 Testing For Weddings With Drip Hydration

Our certified nurses come to your wedding location to do Rapid Antigen or Rapid PCR COVID-19 testing for your wedding guests.

About our COVID-19 Testing for Weddings:

  • Collected by certified nurses
  • Collected at the arranged location
  • Accurate & fast results
  • Traveling certificate (useful for guests who need to travel)
  • Larger group bulk discounts are available

When To Get A COVID-19 Tests For Your Guests

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Consider COVID-19 testing for your wedding if:

COVID-19 Wedding Testing – How It Works

Step #1
Schedule Wedding Testing

Schedule Appointment & wait for confirmation

Step #2
Schedule confirmation

Our team will contact you, and confirm and finalize the order

Step #3
COVID-19 Wedding Testing

Our certified nurses will arrive and do testing for your guests at the arranged location and time

Check for Nearby Drip Hydration locations that offer COVID-19 testing services for weddings

FAQ & Resources – Weddings During COVID-19

COVID-19 Weddings FAQ’s

Do COVID requirements mandate all wedding guests to be tested?

According to CDC, it’s not a requirement. However, the
CDC recommends testing guests who are not fully vaccinated.

How is COVID-19 wedding testing organized?

Our certified nurses arrive at the confirmed location and do the testing. If the location allows, there should be a
waiting area in which the guests will comfortably wait for the results.

How long will it take to get results for all the guests?

The results are provided in approximately 30 minutes.

Is conducting a screening enough?

Testing is most effective when combined with other safety strategies, such as mask wearing and social distancing. We
advise taking as many precautions as you can for the safety of your guests.

COVID-19 Travelling Resources

How accurate are rapid tests for diagnosing COVID-19?

Research about the accuracy of the rapid test published at

Comparison of the performance of the rapid PCR & standard PCR test in different respiratory specimens

Research comparing the performance of rapid & standard PCR test published at

CDC’s FAQ for events

Questions and answers containing information about COVID-19 wedding testing 

CDC’s COVID-19 considerations for Weddings

There is no specific guideline or consideration for weddings by CDC; the general safety recommendations are considered most appropriate.

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