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How to Get an Anemia Panel in Chicago

If you’ve been feeling tired, weak, dizzy, and just not like yourself for no reason whatsoever, it could be a sign you have anemia. Anemia is a blood disease where you don’t have enough red blood cells in your blood. As a result, you don’t have enough oxygen circulation or blood flow, and you’ll start to experience the same symptoms you would if you can’t breathe. If you’re wondering how to get an anemia panel in Chicago as easily as possible, you’ve come to the right place.

What is anemia testing, and what does it do?

Because anemia is a blood disease, blood draws are the only way to test for it. Your blood is then sent to a lab for testing. The goal is to find out if you have low iron levels, which is a sign that you don’t have enough red blood cells. If this is the result, there’s a good chance you have anemia.

Benefits of anemia testing

An anemia panel is the best and most thorough way to determine if you have an anemic blood disorder. It will also help determine the underlying cause so that you can decide your next course of action.

How does in-home anemia testing work?

In-home anemia testing is very simple. We come to your home and administer a series of blood draws. We then send the blood to a trusted lab for testing and contact you with the results. Together, we can stay on top of your health and nip problems in the bud.

At-Home Iron Infusion With Drip Hydration Chicago

Iron IV therapy is an efficient and convenient way to increase your iron levels quickly and effectively. With Drip Hydration's at-home treatment option, our team will come to your location to administer the IV, whether that be your home or office. You will be able to relax and carry on with your daily activities, while we take care of the rest.

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