Cold & Flu

Although the winter months are notorious for cold and flu season, it’s possible to catch these illnesses at any time of year.

IV vitamin treatments can help support healthy immune function and give it the tools it needs to fend off illnesses and aid with recovering from a cold or the flu faster. IV infusions contain antioxidant vitamins that help clear damaging free radicals from the body. Thorough hydration helps organs and tissues work their best.

During these pandemic times, it’s impossible to tell whether one has a cold, the flu, or COVID-19. In-home COVID-19 testing is the easiest and safest way to get fast answers and protect others.

Drip Hydration is now offering delivery IV treatments in Brooklyn and Long Island for hangovers, hydration, immune support, anti-aging, and more.

Drip Hydration is excited to announce that we are now offering IV delivery treatments in NYC up to the Bronx in Manhattan.