Crowd on a festival, throwing juggling plates

CRSSD Fest IV TherapyCRSSD Fest is a celebration of what electronic music festivals once were in the 80s and 90s in the hearts of millions of ravers, club kids, and EDM fans. This event is a more dance music focused rendition of Coachella complete with new electronica and in the wondrous environs of the Waterfront Park across from the San Diego Bay. Consequently, staying hydrated in this festival atmosphere is essential as every outdoor electronic festival fan knows. Dance music aficionado‘s know that their best friend is their water bottle, but many people are still at risk of dehydration at events like CRSSD Fest.

Thankfully, this EDM festival will have IV therapy and hydration available on demand to deliver IV treatments directly to you.  Drip Hydration’s nurses are on call during the entire festival and can come to your hotel, vacation rental, or party.  This means that you can stay energized and hydrated to enjoy hours of music by Empire Of The Sun, Gorgon City, Bonobo, Little Dragon, Gryffin And The Presets.



Boosting Your Immune System at, and Before CRSSD Fest with IV Therapy
CRSSD Fest IV TreatmentOne of the things that the throngs of attendees at CRSSD are likely to ignore is how quickly all those sweaty bodies can pass on pathogens, fungus, and infectious viruses. Waves of sweaty bodies bouncing up and down are the best incubation vectors for bugs that can turn two days of partying into a week-long stint of achy sickness.
IV hydration therapy can boost your immune system and help you fight off an infection before things get so bad you cannot enjoy the show. The IV hydration treatments at CRSSD Fest will come stocked with IV hydration bags filled with immune system boosting nutrients such as B 12 vitamins, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Additionally, you will be able to fend off the effects of the sun which can quickly overheat your body causing dehydration, which can make you susceptible to opportunistic infections.


Energy Boost and Hangover Treatment

Like any good festival, CRSSD Fest takes place over two glorious days, and as a result, you’ll be spending lots of time enjoying strong alcoholic beverages and partying a bit harder than usual. But your body is not a machine, and the effects of all this play time will catch up with you, but thankfully IV hydration therapy is a great accessible option that only takes forty-five minutes.
With IV hydration therapies can knock out hangovers quickly as well as giving you a sense of wellness. With multiple stages of all sorts of music, you’ll want to have as much energy as possible. IV hydration therapy will allow you to bounce from show to show in this sprawling event giving you the power you need to stay moving.


What is in the IV Therapy Drips You Will get at CRSSD Fest?

The IV drips you will find a CRSSD Fest consists of:
• Vitamins B12, B6, B5, B3, B2, B1 which helps to refresh biochemical pathways that can get worn out by alcohol and toxins.
• Amino Acids to improve your hydration status and optimizes metabolic functions.
• Vitamin C to maximize detoxification and boosts immune system functions.
• L-carnitine to increase the mitochondrial functionality for a boost of energy.
• The essential minerals – potassium, calcium, and bicarbonate for improved cellular hydration.
• Saline with electrolytes for enhanced hydration.


How IV Hydration Can Make You Feel Better
IV hydration helps support your liver in detoxification and by breaking down alcohol. With IV hydration therapy you can enjoy improved electrolyte balance, optimize circulation, and replenish your nutrients and a renewed sense of vigor during your two days at CRSSD Fest. IV hydration is the perfect for CRSSD Fest giving party people fuel for the festival.