10 Ways To Boost Female Muscle Growth

Not every woman who goes to the gym to lose weight does so for the same reason. Some people go to bulk up. Adding lean muscle to your physique may help you contour it and make it seem more proportioned and complete. Furthermore, according to research, having higher muscle mass improves metabolism.

However, in order to achieve these outcomes, you must follow the proper procedures. And for that reason, we’ve compiled a list of muscle-building recommendations for you.

10 ways to boost female muscle growth

1. Lift heavier weights

Lifting weights isn’t only for men. Men and women have the same muscle groups, as you can see, and hormones are the thing that separates them. Men tend to bulk out more than women because of their naturally higher testosterone levels. Don’t be afraid to lift weights – just select how much to lift based on your comfort level. Start with 2.5 kilo dumbbells and work your way up gently and gradually.

2. Do the right exercises

It’s critical to pick the correct sort of workouts to grow muscle, whether you’re doing bodyweight exercises or lifting weights. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, shrugs, curls, triceps dips, deadlifts, lunges, and chest press must all be included in your workout. All of these exercises work many muscles at the same time, making them some of the most effective muscle-building activities.

3. Add HIIT to your training

Choose a series of five to six high-intensity exercises to design your own circuit, ranging from burpees to high knees. You may incorporate a limitless number of workouts into the circuit. According to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective techniques to acquire leaner muscles without using any equipment.

4. Do the right sets and reps

The number of repetitions and sets makes a significant difference. When determining the number of sets and repetitions to perform, it is important to consider the amount of weight you will be lifting. The relationship between your weight and reps should be inversely proportional.

5. Proper muscle contraction

When it comes to increasing muscle mass, contraction is essential. Muscle growth is impossible if adequate movement and contraction are not performed. If your movement is not powerful enough, you will be unable to direct your energy toward your muscle. In order to get better contraction, perform slow repetitions while holding the movement for a few seconds.

6. Progressive overload training

Progressive overload, or more specifically, increasing the intensity of your strength workouts by raising the volume (or weight), the number of reps and sets, the frequency, or even the amount of time you are under strain, can help you gain muscle much more quickly. This occurs because your body is always in a state of adaptation, and you will soon discover that the same set and rep plan is no longer challenging to accomplish.

Progressive overload places more tension on your muscles, allowing them to break down, repair, and get stronger as a result of the stress. But how much should you increase the difficulty of your workout while preparing for progressive overload? It’s usually recommended to aim for a 5-10 percent increase in weight every week as a starting point, as a greater rise in weight may raise the chance of injury.

7. Eat enough protein

Getting enough protein, as well as a variety of other macronutrients such as carbs and fats, is critical if your objective is to gain muscle. It is commonly recommended that you consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day (or 2.2 grams per kilogram of body weight) in order to grow muscle. This protein should be obtained through complete protein diets such as those derived from animal sources (meat, dairy) or full vegetarian or vegan sources such as peas or hemp.

The reason complete protein sources are so crucial is because only Essential Amino Acids, which are present in abundance in complete protein, are capable of stimulating muscle protein synthesis and halting muscle protein breakdown.

8. Consume enough calories

The addition of 10% more calories to your daily caloric intake is frequently adequate to promote lean muscle development. You will not be able to gain muscle if you do not consume enough calories. You must consume adequate protein and carbohydrates to become stronger.

Even while you don’t absolutely need to fuel your body just before an exercise, you should consume enough calories to keep your body active and encourage muscle growth. Not eating enough calories can backfire, both preventing muscle growth and weight loss.

9. Rest sufficiently

While this phase may appear to be the least crucial in terms of gaining muscle mass, it is critical in the process. Rest is vital for muscular growth since your muscles require between 24-48 hours of rest between each training session to recover. Training days may be divided up depending on lower- and upper-body movements, which can help you maintain your three to five days of training each week.

In the course of your sleep cycle, your muscles and tissues are refilled and rejuvenated. Because your brain is resting and performing relatively little work, the amount of blood accessible to your muscles rises, allowing them to get more oxygen and nutrients, allowing them to recover and develop.

To get a good night’s sleep, aim for seven to nine hours every night. That implies you shouldn’t sacrifice a few hours of sleep in order to fit in a morning workout because doing so will simply hinder your development.

10. Get IV vitamins for muscle growth

Intensive physical exercise is extremely taxing on the body, necessitating the consumption of additional nutrients and vitamins in order to sustain top performance.

Exercise is not only taxing on the muscles, but it also contributes to the steady accumulation of free radicals in the body. IV drips for athletes are designed to remove free radicals, promote healing, provide quick and complete rehydration, and maintain muscle and tissue health. An additional component of IV vitamin drips is amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins that aid with the body’s healing and muscle-building processes.

An IV vitamin therapy can help increase your muscle growth by:

  • Improving athletic performance
  • Providing fast and effective hydration
  • Supporting muscle recovery
  • Reducing recovery time
  • Maintaining healthy muscle tissue
  • Take out free radicals that are created during exercise
  • Pre-exercise endurance boost

During an IV vitamin treatment, a liquid mixture of vitamins is administered through a tiny tube that has been put into a vein in the patient’s arm. This permits the vitamins to be absorbed fast and directly into the bloodstream, resulting in larger quantities of vitamins in the body than if they were obtained through food or supplements.

A hydrating saline solution is used to provide our cutting-edge IV vitamin treatment mix, which ensures complete absorption of the nutrients. Your body will benefit from it since it will receive the antioxidants and supportive vitamins it requires to increase muscle growth.


There is no one-size-fits-all muscle-building formula. However, if you establish reasonable objectives and adhere to them, you will see the benefits. Remember that building muscle mass requires a healthy diet. To get the best outcomes, stick to lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Also keep in mind that your workout, as well as the vitamins and nutrients you ingest from meals, IV vitamin infusions, and other sources, will have a significant influence on your muscle growth.

If you’re ready to boost your muscle-building regimen, in-home IV treatments can help. IV infusions can be administered in your home, office, or even the gym. This saves you the time spent sitting in traffic or waiting in a clinic. Furthermore, direct-to-you delivery helps you avoid the risk of contracting viruses that you could come into contact with in a waiting area.

In-Home IV Treatments With Drip Hydration

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