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Hangover IV Treatment: Is It Worth the Price Tag?

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People have been searching for the perfect hangover therapy for thousands of years. People have tried countless methods, from drinking a small portion of alcohol or lots of coffee and water in the morning, to only drinking certain types of liquors. While these home hangover remedies may seem to help slightly, people still typically feel hangover symptoms. 

Recently, a new hangover treatment has emerged, known as IV therapy. Most people are familiar with the concept of IV therapy thanks to medical TV shows or a personal hospital stay, and the hangover IV treatment is no different. Rather than having IV fluids pumped into your veins to help with a disease or malnutrition, however, a hangover IV treatment involves fluids that rehydrate you and help mitigate the effects of a hangover. 

Because IV hangover therapy can be fairly expensive, many wonder if the treatment is worth the cost. This article will examine how and why IV treatment for a hangover is so effective, how it works, and whether or not it’s worth paying for. Let’s get started!

What happens during a Hangover? 

Hangovers are the result of drinking too much alcohol in a short period of time. They can be painful and debilitating and may result in several uncomfortable hangover symptoms, including the following:

  • Headaches
  • Stomach aches
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive thirst
  • Dehydration
  • Hunger
  • Memory loss
  • Drowsiness
  • Sluggishness
  • Weakness
  • Muscle aches
  • Sensitivity to light

A bald man asleep during a hangover while still holding an alcohol glass bottle.In some instances, depending on how much alcohol you consume, there’s a chance that you’ll still be drunk the next day, and the hangover has yet to kick in. When it does, however, you’ll still experience most of the above symptoms, regardless of how experienced of a drinker you are.

Hangovers are so painful because of what alcohol does to your body. In order to break alcohol down so that you can dispose of it and avoid alcohol poisoning, your liver must work twice as hard.

Your body metabolizes alcohol at approximately one drink per hour, though this rate can vary on factors such as your age, sex, how much food you have eaten, and more. Some types of drug tests can detect alcohol in your system up to 12 hours after your last drink.

During this time, your liver cells are stressed as they break down alcohol molecules. This process requires time and energy. It also involves the release of stomach acid, affecting your GI system, blood, and intestines. The combination of time, energy, and physical reactions necessary to dispose of alcohol are what ultimately cause hangovers.

What is an IV Hangover Treatment?

A woman sitting with her brown cat on her lap, receiving Hangover IV Therapy.Getting important nutrients and electrolytes back into your system is the key to defeating hangover symptoms and quickly recovering. The best and fastest way to do that is with hangover IV therapy. IV therapy is the most efficient hangover treatment because it delivers vital nutrients and electrolytes directly into your bloodstream. This allows them to be used by the body immediately, rather than having to travel through the digestive system as with nutrients consumed orally.

How IV Therapy for a Hangover Works 

  • A certified medical professional inserts a needle and catheter into your vein.
  • The contents of the hangover IV bag that are delivered directly to your bloodstream include B Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Anti-Nausea medications, Anti-Inflammatory Medications, and electrolytes.
  • Once these fluids, vitamins, and medications enter your bloodstream, they are dispersed throughout the body.
  • IV therapy for hangovers is effective because it rehydrates and replenishes all the vitamins and minerals you lost due to alcohol consumption.
  • The anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications help ease painful short-term hangover symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headaches, and body aches.

The Benefits of IV Hangover Treatment

A woman looking up with her eyes closed, both her arms spread out to her side with green grass in the background.If you’re still not sold on the idea of an IV hangover treatment, here are some benefits the treatment offers.

  • Quicker recovery time, sometimes in as little as one hour
  • Relief from the painful symptoms that result from hangovers
  • Gets vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals back into your system
  • Our IV treatment for hangovers rehydrates you
  • A boost in your energy levels
  • Improves your mood and cognitive function
  • Allows you to go about your day much more functionally following a hangover

IV Hangover Treatment Side Effects

As with all forms of IV therapy, there are a few potential side effects of hangover IV therapy.

  • An infection where the needle gets inserted into your arm
  • Air embolism due to improper insertion
  • Inflammation or bruising of the veins
  • A rash or mark at the site of injection

To significantly reduce the risk of these side effects, you must get your hangover IV therapy administered by a qualified professional.

In addition to these potential side effects, the only other downside of IV hangover therapy is the price tag. Most IVs for hangovers cost between $200 and $400 for a one-time treatment. However, many people may find treatment well worth the price, such as:

  • Those who tend to experience hangover symptoms for several days
  • Those who need to be ready for an important event, such as a work meeting, exams, or a wedding
  • People with health issues exacerbated by the effects of alcohol consumption.

Alternatives to IV Hangover Treatment

A person holding a titanium bottle while filling it up with water from a natural stream.If you don’t want to pay for an IV treatment for your hangover, consider trying the following methods on how to get rid of a hangover:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat a hearty breakfast packed with carbs
  • Only drink light-colored liquors
  • Take vitamin and zinc supplements
  • Drink coffee or tea

While these remedies might help, hangover IV therapy is by far the fastest hangover treatment available. It can reduce your symptoms, rehydrate you, and relieve your symptoms in an hour or two, whereas home remedies can take half the day.


IV therapy for hangovers is changing how people recover after a long night of drinking alcohol. Although it’s a fairly new concept, it’s quickly becoming known as the best hangover treatment on the market due to its efficacy and how quickly it relieves symptoms. Though treatment is comparatively expensive, it can be a worthwhile investment for those unable to afford a lengthy recovery time. IV therapy for hangovers is a safe treatment when administered by a trained and experienced medical professional.

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Hangover IV - Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in our hangover IV?

Our Hangover IV treatment contains a blend of IV fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and medication to restore the vitamins in your body and help your body battle with the unwanted hangover symptoms. Among the main ingredients are B-Complex vitamins, Vitamin B12, Toradol and Anti-Nausea medication. 

Why is hangover IV much more effective than hangover drinks?

Hangover IV is more effective than hangover drinks because the IV solution is introduced directly into your blood without having to go through the digestive system which is already overloaded. This means you will feel the effects much faster and feel much better very quickly. 

How long does it take for our Hangover IV to start working?

It usually takes between 30-60 minutes for you to feel the benefits of our Hangover IV drip.

What are the levels of hangover severity?

IV therapy in general is FDA approved. Our nurses are overseen by our Medical Director, Abe Malkin, and every nurse is registered and certified per state standards.

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