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IV in a Bottle vs. IV Therapy

There are a lot of sports drinks on the market nowadays. One of the newer types of drinks is “IV in a bottle.” You may be asking yourself how it may be different from all of the other beverages. On top of that, how well does it work compared to IV Therapy? This article will discuss each product– what’s inside, how they work, and what you should consider before choosing one or the other.

IV in a Bottle

The IV in a bottle is similar to many other sports drinks, but it has a few added features. The first thing is that they have an increased amount of salt compared to other sports drinks. This can be a good thing, especially if you plan on going for a long run or another long-term cardiovascular event.

The IV in a bottle also contains a few kinds of simple sugars for quick energy for your body. The sugars do everything from providing energy to helping your stomach calm itself. Remember when the school nurse used to give you lemon-lime soda and crackers when you had a stomach ache? It’s the same concept. A moderate amount of simple sugars will help stabilize your gut.

The last thing that the IV in a Bottle has is a blend of vitamins and simple compounds, like B vitamins, niacin, potassium, and sodium, to help your body recover from various kinds of activities. The activities could range from a hard workout session to overdrinking. The critical thing to remember is that youdrink the IV in the bottle vs. IV therapy.

IV Therapy

IV therapy is the process of using an intravenous connection to directly transplant the hydration, vitamins, and minerals that you need depending on the activity. The process of working out and becoming sore is different compared to drinking and getting a hangover. These two activities require different responses.

IV therapy provides instant assistance and relief mainly due to bypassing the need to drink the beverage. IV therapy is directly accepted into your body’s bloodstream to improve your situation immediately. For example, when recovering from a hangover, IV therapy can help give your liver what it needs to repair itself so that it can adequately extract the rest of the toxins from your blood. When recovering from a workout, your body will require increased vitamins and minerals like magnesium to return to 100%.

Which One Should I Choose?

While the IV in a bottle type of drinks are an improvement from the mainstream sports drinks on the current market, they have a few limitations. The most important is that the IV in a bottle relies on your body to process what it needs to address its problems. IV therapy goes right where it needs to go and provides instant relief. If you ask yourself which one works better, IV in a bottle vs. IV therapy, IV therapy wins every time. Order your IV Therapy today on!

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