How to Get Mobile IV Therapy at Home in New Orleans

Choosing to get mobile IV therapy in New Orleans allows you to receive the treatment you need without taking time off of work or getting over an illness that would keep you away from important commitments. The staff at Drip Hydration will come to your home or the location of your choice and administer the treatment while you continue doing what needs to be done.

Benefits of IV Therapy

Injectable vitamins and minerals, including amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and antioxidants, are used intravenously by professional medical staff. These treatment options can provide immediate benefits for people who feel tired or run down on a daily basis. After their first infusion experience, patients often report an overall feeling of wellness and energy.

People who have received intravenous vitamin and mineral infusions report that they have more energy, feel more balanced emotionally, and suffer fewer colds and other viral infections. In short, it can help people stay healthier by improving their overall health.

Who Should Get Mobile IV Therapy?

Anyone can benefit from receiving mobile IV therapy. Not everyone can make it into an office or clinic for one reason or another, so we offer mobile services. We’ll come out to your home or office and treat you with fast-acting solutions to rejuvenate you from head-to-toe. There’s no pain, no medication needed, and we come straight to you! How could that be anything but great?

Getting Started

For those looking for IV therapy in New Orleans, give Drip Hydration a call, and we’ll help you take care of all your hydration needs. We provide mobile hydration services throughout all of New Orleans. Give us a call, and we’ll schedule an appointment where our professionals will bring out everything they need and set up everything just how you like it. All you have to do is kick back and relax!

In-Home IV Treatments With Drip Hydration

Drip Hydration offers mobile IV treatments in the comfort of your home. Once you book your appointment, a certified nurse will come to your desired location and administer the treatment, which usually takes less than an hour. During this time, you can do anything you’d like, such as relax under a warm blanket or watch TV. Drip Hydration will also go to hotels, worksites, or other locations upon request.

You can either browse our treatment options and decide which is best for you or speak to a representative who can help you choose what you need based on your health goals. To schedule your appointment or learn more, contact us today!