Urgent IV Therapy Treatments for Hangovers, Cold & Flu, Low Energy & Stomach Bugs

When you have to perform but are under the weather, tired, or hungover, it can be a challenge to put your best work into the world. Fret not – there’s a fast way to get back on your feet and back in the game. Drip Hydration offers convenient, 1-hour mobile IV delivery treatments directly to you whether you’re at home, in a hotel, at the office, or elsewhere in Los Angeles.

iv therapy for flu

We deliver and perform IV therapy treatments anywhere in LA in 1 Hour or Less

1-Hour IV Therapy Delivery is an Immediate and Highly Effective Way of Curing:

Hangover IV Therapy Delivered to You in an Hour

Hangover IV Therapy Delivered to You in an HourThe symptoms of hangovers are largely caused by dehydration. There isn’t a more efficient way to hydrate quickly than IV therapy. Saline solution is a sterile mixture of sodium chloride and water that is administered directly into your bloodstream, providing your cells with immediate hydration so you can start recovering from your hangover fast.

Our Hangover IV brings IV fluids for hangovers directly to you wherever you are. Our nurses deliver treatment directly to you so that you can recover from a night out with friends, stay productive at work, or just feel better after having a drink too many. Our formula features anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medication so you can start feeling relief immediately.

1-Hour Mobile IV Therapy for Food Poisoning and Stomach Ailments

Mobile IV Therapy for Food PoisoningThere are few things that can stop a day in its tracks like food poisoning. Worse, there isn’t a way to anticipate when food poisoning can happen, so it always strikes out of the blue. That’s where 1-hour IV delivery can save the day.

Injections and IV therapy bypass the digestive system and deliver vitamins directly into your bloodstream, which is ideal especially when you can’t keep anything down. Not only can your body start enjoying the benefits of treatment within minutes, the instant absorption provides 1-hour relief from your symptoms.

IV Therapy for Cold and Flu

IV therapy for cold and fluWhen you have a cold or the flu, it’s almost impossible to get anything done when you’re reaching for the tissue box every few minutes. Our Immune Boost IV is a fast way to supercharge your immune system, providing antioxidants, vitamin C, and the hydration your body needs to fight off your illness.

B12 Shots and Injections for Instant Mood and Energy Improvement

b12 injections and infusions for mood and energySometimes, all you need is a boost so you can rock that presentation at work, that exam at school, or just because you want to feel good fast. Vitamin B12 injections and infusions are a fast and effective way to improve your mood and energy levels.

Infusions combine the benefits of hydration and vitamins while injections are a fast solution when you don’t have time to wait for an IV drip. Drip Hydration’s direct delivery injections and infusions make it easy to fit a quick midweek boost into your busy lifestyle.

1-Hour Relief from Migraines and Headaches

IV therapy can improve migraines and headachesFor many people, migraines are debilitating enough to stop a day in its tracks. IV therapy for migraines can help. The fast hydration and vitamin infusion in this formula will provide fast relief from symptoms of migraines. Combined with our direct-to-you delivery, you’ll start feeling back to normal within an hour of treatment.

IV therapy for migraines and headaches is ideal for high-performing business professionals, students, busy parents, and anyone who wants to get rid of a migraine as quickly as possible.

Fast Hydration for Optimal Health

IV therapy for dehydration

Hydration is essential to feeling good and giving your body the fluids it needs for everything to run smoothly. Mild dehydration can cause symptoms such as headaches and fatigue while severe dehydration can lead to far more serious problems, including high blood pressure or hospitalization. That’s why staying hydrated is so important, especially if you’re an athlete or a busy manager, marketer, or entrepreneur.

Proper hydration can also help your body combat cold and flu symptoms, especially when combined with our Immune Boost Treatment. This treatment includes a carefully-formulated combination of antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamins to give your body the boost it needs to fight off that cold or flu that has you feeling down.

When you need to rehydrate pronto, look no further than Drip Hydration’s Dehydration IV. Our one-hour delivery and fast absorption will help you feel better fast whether you’re recovering from an illness, prepping for a big night out, or just want the benefits of being fully hydrated.

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