The Easiest Way to Treat Hangover Fast in Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is known for being an excellent destination for skiing, snowboarding, and conservation. Many people chose to visit here and enjoy a long weekend appreciating their surroundings. During vacations, it’s easy to have a couple of drinks and feel the effects the following day. Thankfully, our understanding of hangovers and treatments can help you get back to the slopes and scenes in no time!

How Hangovers Work

Hangovers are a result of our body not being hydrated enough and dealing with inflammation. While there isn’t any fool-proof cure, there are some things we can do to alleviate symptoms. Inflammation is a natural result of drinking alcohol, as it creates a short-lived toxin to many of our organs. Taking pain relievers and drinking water is great starters. If you are feeling nauseous, eating ginger, or taking some nausea relief may help. Your body will be struggling to get back to normal, so adding some electrolytes to your drink is a good idea. The quickest solution to your hangover symptoms is to get a home hangover IV in Jackson Hole.

Home IV Treatments

IV treatments are specially formulated fluids that go directly into the body. This is a quicker solution, as it is absorbed immediately. Drip Hydration offers in-home treatments administered by an RN so you can stay in the comfort of your bed, chair, or hotel room. They take under an hour and aid your body to get nutrients that have been lost during your night out. Our Hangover IV includes anti-nausea medications, B-complex vitamins and B-12, and anti-inflammatory medications. These all help the body recover quickly, allowing you to get back to your regularly scheduled activities.

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Drip Hydration Brings the Benefits of Myers Cocktail IVs to You, Wherever You Are

If you struggle with low energy levels or catch colds or the flu easily, a Myers Cocktail IV may be right for you. This IV contains a blend of B-Complex vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, and Magnesium that support healthy energy levels and a strong immune system. The Myers Cocktail IV can also be used alongside traditional treatment options to improve conditions such as asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and migraines.

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