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How to Choose the Right IV Stand

Nowadays, you may feel overwhelmed with too many choices and too many options. Selecting an IV stand is no exception. With so many different configurations and prices for IV stands available, navigating the market for the right IV stand may feel impossible. To help ease the process and ensure patient safety, we have highlighted key considerations for choosing an IV stand.

What is an IV stand?

In hospitals and clinics, IV stands are a common medical device designed to hang IV bags that supplement patients with a continuous supply of fluids and medicine. IV stands are hygienic and made to ease burdens on patients and healthcare professionals.

How is it used? 


The height of the IV stand can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of patients’ needs.


IV stands are also easily movable to maneuver with a patient or stand idle by their bedside and are equipped with 4-6 wheelbases. IV stands can be operated in many locations and do not require a significant amount of space.


While some IV stands only have two hooks, others have multiple hooks to hang multiple IV bags securely.

How to choose an IV stand

How to choose an IV stand? What you need to take into account:



Shinier than stainless steel, some customers may mistake chrome for the newer and better option of IV stands. Although an inexpensive option, chrome IV stands do not have a long life and may begin to break down earlier than expected.

Stainless steel

On the other hand, stainless steel is a material that will last you years. The same material throughout the structure, stainless steel will maintain its shine even after multiple uses.


The durability of the IV stand depends on the material used. Chrome coatings are easily cracked and chipped. As a result, once the raw steel core is exposed, the IV stand is susceptible to rust and corrosion and can cause concerns for infection. Meanwhile, stainless steel can incur damages and wear and tear without risk of infection.


Deciding how to choose an IV stand, you also have to think about stability and the number of IV bags you would like to attach. The sturdiest IV stands with the maximum capacity for multiple IV bags will have more wheelbases and heavier weight.

Top Style 

Hook Top

A classic style, the hook top can hang numerous IV bags depending on the number of hooks.

Rake top

Meanwhile, the rake top has separated hooks to hang numerous IV bags for easy assessment.


Thermoplastic rubber

  • Non-marking
  • Floor protective
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils


  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to chemicals and oils


  • Floor protection
  • Quiet, comfortable ride
  • All-terrain wheels

When answering how to choose an IV stand, professionalism and safety are critical. A careful assessment of the structure and makings of an IV stand can help ensure you are providing the best patient care. 

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