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How to Get a Travel COVID Test in Tucson

Getting a Covid travel test in Tucson has never been easier. The pandemic that began in 2020 has caused too many uncertainties to count. Thankfully, one of those uncertainties is not where to get an accurate and fast covid test.

You can find access to various places and events offering free covid tests in Tucson. You can either walk-in or schedule your testing in advance, depending on the location you choose. Be sure to call ahead if you have any questions you want to be answered before arriving.

Two Different Types of Covid Tests

A rapid antigen test is done by using a nasal swab to capture a specimen for testing. This test has a very quick turnaround time, usually in less than 15 minutes. A rapid antigen test looks for antigens in your protein and respiratory tract. However, if you are traveling, this test is insufficient to prove you are not carrying the virus.

A rapid PCR test is also done by using a nasal swab to acquire the specimen. This test requires the support of a full laboratory. A rapid PCR test could take up to 24 hours to produce the results. This is the test you want to get if you are traveling and need proof of a negative test result.

Any of the testing locations will be able to answer your questions and inform you which type of test they administer and will be able to direct you to another location if you need a test they do not offer.

In-home Testing

One of the most efficient ways to take a rapid covid test is to call Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy. We send a certified nurse directly to your door either at home, a hotel, or a place of employment.

You will get a fast, safe, and accurate result in minutes. Call Drip Hydration today and schedule your appointment.

Where Can I Get A Covid PCR Test In Tucson?

In addition to rapid options at many clinics, pharmacies, and even airports, companies like Drip Hydration are creating innovative solutions to simplify travel testing. Offering PCR testing in the comfort of your home, business, or hotel, Drip Hydration’s in-home PCR testing is the perfect solution for those traveling in groups or departing under a time crunch.

With the same accuracy and speed as tests obtained at traditional testing sites, Drip Hydration’s Covid testing services provide a stress-free start to your travel.