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How to Easily Test Large Groups For Public Events in Charlotte

If you’re planning to host a large public event somewhere in Charlotte, then it’s a good idea to make sure you have the means to get everyone tested. As quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, relying on at-home tests and other means can be inefficient and mean that some people in the group will fall through the cracks.

There is, however, a better option in the form of on-site testing from a mobile testing service. By bringing in a mobile testing service, You allow a professional agency to control the testing process and speed up the rate at which tests are processed so that more people can be tested in a short period of time.

Why COVID Test For Large Public Events?

No matter what type of public comment you’re holding, the health and safety of the people attending should be your utmost priority. That is why it is a good idea to make sure that you have testing services available so that anyone who attends can get tested and make sure that everyone is COVID-free and able to attend without risking the spread of the virus. Not only is COVID testing for a public event in Charlotte a good idea, but it should also be a mandatory one.

How On-Site Testing Works

The on-site testing works with drip hydration because we come to you equipped with rapid tests, able to get results for individuals within minutes. This allows us to test large groups before an event and ensure that everyone is healthy and safe. We have a variety of options, including a rapid PCR test, a rapid antigen test, and a rapid antibody test.

You can schedule your on-site testing with us and pick the best type of test for your unique situation.

Contact Drip Hydration For Large Group COVID Testing Today

Don’t take a chance with the health and safety of the people around you the next time you’re holding an event. Contact drip hydration and let us handle the COVID testing for you.

Test Your Employees With Drip Hydration

Same-day testing for employees in Houston and surrounding areas is a great opportunity to show your staff that you care about their health. We will consult with you to develop a custom plan that is right for your workplace and can perform hundreds of tests in a single day. We also provide ongoing plans for employers who want to make regular testing part of their “new normal” routine.

Make employee safety your priority, and book a consultation today!