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Can You Get a Same Day Rapid COVID-19 Test in Rockford

Knowing where to get a COVID-19 test can be stressful, especially if it’s for an event when you need results fast. There are also a variety of tests to choose from, so knowing which one is more time-efficient can help you expedite the process and stay safe. Below are some recommendations to get your same-day rapid PCR test in Rockford.

Rapid Versus Standard

A PCR test is used to detect COVID-19 by using swabs and genetic material. They are the most accurate test but can take some additional time to process. Depending on where you get them, the timeline for results is between three to seven days, but it can vary based on demand. The rapid tests can be given in under one day and even hours.

Testing in Rockford

If you are a traveler, make sure you follow the proper CDC protocol for flying. The Rockford airport does not indicate if they have testing there, so it’s imperative you ensure you are prepared. Here are some places you can get testing completed in Rockford:


  • The State Drive-Thru: preregister for testing electronically here.
  • State SHIELD Illinois Community Based Testing: Hours are listed here, and you can preregister here.
  • Pharmacies: local pharmacies such as Walgreens or CVS often have quick testing. Give your nearest location a call to see how to schedule.
  • Urgent care centers: Many urgent care centers offer COVID-19 testing but call ahead to see if you can get results within your timeframe.

Are You Looking to Stay Cozy?

Drip Hydration offers same-day in-home service for several different COVID-19 tests. We offer the standard PCR test, antibody test, and rapid PCR test- perfect for those looking for quick results. To book your service, contact us today or see our testing services here.

Fast And Easy Rapid PCR Testing In Rockford

Along with access to on-site rapid PCR testing, the Rockford area residents now have the option to get tested at home with accurate and fast results. Drip Hydration brings rapid tests directly to you and your family at home with group and family discounts.

Together, we can help prevent the spread. Give us a call or book an appointment using a button below.