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How to Get a Same Day Rapid PCR Test in San Francisco

With Covid surging in many places in the United States, many folks are scrambling to find tests so that they can determine if they have the virus or not. This has made it difficult to find the right kind of test or even get a test period. If you want to get your results quickly and accurately, the best option is the PCR Rapid Test. The rapid test is different from the other PCR test, the RT- PCR test. Knowing which test is suitable for your unique situation is a bit easier when you try to find a test.

Rapid PCR vs. RT PCR

The two main Covid tests available are the Rapid PCR and the RT PCR. If you’re looking for the fastest one while still maintaining accuracy, you should stay with Rapid PCR tests. Compared to the RT test, the rapid test looks for the most common viral protein within Covid 19 and uses that to detect the presence of the virus much faster and sooner than other test versions.

Where To Find Tests

You can find a link to all the information for finding rapid tests in San Francisco here. It is also possible to catch them in stock at some of your local pharmacies as well.


We at Drip Hydration also offer Covid testing as part of our treatment options. We can come to you with a Covid test so that if you need to quarantine, you’re already at home. If you have difficulty finding tests through your local resources, or you just don’t want to wait and want to have the test brought to you, then contact us right away to get started on your Covid 19 testing.

Fast And Easy Rapid PCR Testing In San Francisco

Along with access to on-site rapid PCR testing, the San Francisco area residents now have the option to get tested at home with accurate and fast results. Drip Hydration brings rapid tests directly to you and your family at home with group and family discounts.

Together, we can help prevent the spread. Give us a call or book an appointment using a button below.