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Is the PCR Saliva Test as Accurate as the Nasal Swab?

Since the initial stages of the pandemic, many have been testing regularly to ensure they have not contracted COVID-19. Testing options range from in-person testing in a drive-through testing line, self-testing under the watchful eye of medical personnel, and even at-home testing kits.

At-home kits may simply require a saliva sample, but some wonder if saliva tests are as effective and accurate as a nasal swab. The short answer is yes; PCR saliva tests are almost as precise as the nasal swabs.

PCR Saliva Test vs. Nasal Swab Accuracy

Nasal swabs and throat swabs are uncomfortable for most people. Saliva-based tests offer a much more comfortable option that is quick and easy to complete. However, many have wondered about the accuracy of the saliva tests in comparison to nasal swabs.

According to a data review that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the numbers between the two are comparable. Nose or throat swab tests have 85 percent accuracy in detecting positive COVID-19 infections, and saliva-based tests are close behind with an 83 percent success rate.

The studies also report that saliva-based testing is fairly accurate at correctly identifying negative cases, with a 99 percent accuracy rate. The data review was a compilation of sixteen studies that involved 5,900 participants.


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