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What Should Women Over 40 Look For in a Multivitamin?

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Our bodies see a series of changes as we age, and the resources we need to stay healthy change with them. In particular, when a woman enters her 40s, her body changes in several ways, affecting her nutritional and vitamin requirements.

One way to get the extra nutrients that a woman needs is by taking a multivitamin specifically designed for women over 40.

While multivitamins have been around since the 1940s, the modern form of vitamins and multivitamins can help increase nutrient intake and help fight off vitamin deficiencies, which become more common as a person gets older.

What to look for in a multivitamin for women over 40

The dietary needs of a woman change over time as their body changes and due to the effects of aging and other life events. While every woman is different, there are certain things to look for in a multivitamin that will supplement the nutritional needs of a woman in her 40s.

Vitamin B6

As women age, the ability to naturally absorb nutrients decreases, especially once they are in their late 40s when the stomach produces less acid and the body digests slower. This digestive delay means they still need a certain amount of a vitamin or mineral and help to get it through food. One of these vitamins that are crucial to overall dietary health and energy is B6.

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Women need roughly 1.3 mg per day of B6 to maintain a healthy body, and it can be hard to get this allotment from food alone.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the vital nutrients a female over 40 can get. After age 40, bone density in women drastically drops.1 Many women are naturally short of vitamin D, which can increase the risk of bone-related illnesses. Hence, ensuring you have a multivitamin with plenty of vitamin D is essential to healthy bones and fewer accidents, as well as to delay the onset of health conditions like arthritis.

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On average, women over 40 need 1000 mg per day of calcium to maintain healthy bones, which can be challenging through diet alone as the only foods with significant calcium levels are fortified cereals and milk. Calcium should be considered an essential part of any woman’s multivitamin.

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Though men are more susceptible to blood pressure issues, women over 40 also need vitamins and minerals to help regulate blood pressure, especially those women already predisposed to high blood pressure, thanks to family history. One mineral to consider in a multivitamin is magnesium. Though magnesium is in some foods, women need an average of 320 mg daily to maintain adequate levels.

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Special considerations for women over 40

Women over 40 need certain nutrients to maintain optimal health, but speaking with your doctor is vital before taking a multivitamin. Women who may become pregnant or have entered menopause will present specific health requirements requiring different vitamins and minerals. Additionally, health complications can make taking a multivitamin potentially dangerous if not supervised by a doctor.

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Benefits of taking multivitamins for women over 40

Maintaining adequate vitamin and nutrient levels gets more and more difficult as we age. Women have specific setbacks in their nutrition over 40 because they also may experience hormone and other bodily changes, making it challenging to stay healthy.

A multivitamin may help you manage your changing body chemistry and allow you to remain healthy. Additionally, a multivitamin will enable you to control how many specific vitamins you get to help defend against potential deficiencies.

Potential risks of taking a multivitamin for women over 40

Discuss any pre-existing health conditions or medications you may be on with your doctor to help avoid potential complications before introducing a new multivitamin into your regimen. Depending on your diet and the multivitamin, you can overdose on some vitamins, leading to severe health consequences.


As women age, their dietary and nutritional needs change. Even with a healthy diet, getting a woman’s nutrients is challenging. Taking a multivitamin may help improve some of those shortages and boost overall health, but it is essential to consider all the different health factors involved first.

Talk with your doctor about your overall health, test your nutrient levels if something is off, and pick the multivitamin right for your unique situation.

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What is IV therapy, and how does it work?

IV therapy is a process in which fluids, vitamins, minerals, and/or medications are administered into the bloodstream via a catheter. The catheter is inserted into a blood vein, the IV infusion bag is hung over the patient’s head, and gravity slowly drips the contents of the bag into the patient’s bloodstream.

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Individuals in many walks of life can benefit from IV Therapy, including:

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What types of IV therapy treatments are available?

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What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy offers many potential wellness benefits, including:

  • Rehydration
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In addition to these benefits, specialty treatments such as NAD+ may provide additional anti-aging, metabolic, and neurological benefits.