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Raleigh Gym Causes A Covid-19 Cluster & What It Means For You

Earlier this month, Find A Way Fitness in Raleigh, NC became the focal point of a Covid-19 cluster. With more than 40 people testing positive for the virus at this gym, here’s what this new coronavirus cluster means for you.

What does the gym Covid-19 cluster mean for you?

Unlike a cold or the flu, not everyone shows symptoms of Covid-19 when they are infected. That’s why it’s important for you to take quick action to prevent accidentally transmitting the virus to others, regardless of whether or not you show symptoms.

  1. Inform everyone you’ve been in contact with, especially if you were not wearing a mask or social distancing with them. This includes friends, family, and restaurants and retail shops you’ve visited.
  2. Inform your employer so that they can give you guidance as to whether or not you can return to work, as well as any requirements they may have for you to return to the workplace.
  3. Cancel all your obligations and self-quarantine. The CDC recommends quarantining for two weeks for most people. Some individuals may be able to reduce the duration of their quarantine to 10 days under specific conditions.
  4. Most importantly of all, get tested for Covid-19. This is the most important thing you can do to help reduce the chance of spreading the virus to others.

Where can I get tested?

There are many free Covid-19 testing options in Raleigh at drive-through centers, doctors offices and clinics, urgent care centers, and some university campuses.

It’s recommended that you make an appointment to ensure you can get tested, as the recent surge in Covid-19 cases has put a strain on many local testing options.

  • Top tips: Make sure to find out the types of tests offered at your location of choice, whether there are any age-based testing restrictions, and what documentation you need for your appointment. It’s also recommended that you let them know you’ve been exposed to Covid-19, as the testing center may have specific protocol to help prevent accidental spread.

If you don’t want to deal with transit, waiting rooms, or waiting in long drive-through center lines, you can also get tested at home with Drip Hydration.

In-Home Testing With Drip Hydration

Going to the gym is supposed to be good for your health, not potentially bring Covid-19 home. If you need to get tested for coronavirus at home while you are quarantining, Drip Hydration can help. Our certified nurse comes to you for the safest, most convenient Covid-19 tests for you and your family with group discounts up to 5 people. Give us a call or book an appointment today!