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How To Get Rapid Covid Testing In Columbus, Ohio

If you’ve recently been exposed to someone with Covid-19 or have noticed flu-like symptoms, it’s important to get a test with fast answers to protect those around you. Rapid tests can provide answers in as little as 15 minutes, so where can you get rapid Covid testing in Columbus, Ohio?

Where you can get rapid Covid testing in Columbus

There are several ways you can get fast, same-day testing. Most of these options will require a health pre-screening before you can book your appointment.

Before you go…

In addition to making sure you have an appointment, it’s also important to check whether your testing location of choice has any restrictions, such as age-based limitations, a maximum number of people in a vehicle for drive-up testing, or sites that are walk-up or drive-through only.

These limitations can be frustrating for those living in multi-generational households, as multiple appointments – sometimes at different locations – may be required in order for the entire family to get tested. In addition to logistical issues, any trip comes with the potential risk of exposure to Covid-19 and other contagious viruses.

Rapid tests with an in-home medical service can help you avoid these hassles while providing safe, comfortable testing for the whole family.

What are the types of rapid Covid-19 tests?

There are currently two main types of rapid Covid-19 tests that you can get: rapid antigen and rapid PCR. Both tests have advantages and disadvantages to consider, which we outline here.

Rapid antigen tests

Rapid antigen tests are nasal swab tests that only take a few minutes to administer. This test is designed to detect specific proteins located on the exterior of the virus. Rapid antigen tests can be processed onsite and return results within 15 minutes, making them ideal for screening on a mass scale – an especially valuable aspect for workplaces.

Rapid antigen tests are cost-effective, with prices ranging between $5 – $30, depending on the manufacturer. However, these tests are less accurate than RT-PCR tests, with an estimated 1 in 5 returning incorrect results.

Rapid PCR tests

Rapid PCR tests use the same technology to detect Covid-19 as the gold standard RT-PCR tests. They are designed to identify specific genetic material belonging to Covid-19, making them highly accurate. Rapid PCR tests can be processed onsite and return results within 30 minutes – 1 hour, depending on the specific manufacturer.

Rapid PCR tests are more expensive than rapid antigen tests, with prices typically starting at $100. However, their high accuracy and short turnaround time may be invaluable for many individuals, especially those living with people at increased risk of complications from Covid-19.



In-Home Rapid Covid-19 Testing In Columbus, Ohio

If you need to know whether or not you have Covid-19 quickly, Drip Hydration can help. We provide rapid antigen and rapid PCR testing in your home.

One of our nurses will come to your home, administer your test of choice, and provide further guidance if someone in your household tests positive. We offer progressive discounts for groups of two or more, and PPO insurance holders may be eligible for partial reimbursement for our services.

If you have questions or want to book an appointment, call us or click the button below. Let us help you get the answers you need!