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How To Get A Same Day Rapid PCR Test In London 

While many of us have heard of different testing options, what exactly is a PCR test? How does it work? With Covid-19 creating challenges among cities, it is especially important to be educated on the types of testing available and where you can find the same-day rapid PCR in London. Let’s take a look.

What is a PCR test?

PCR stands for a polymerase chain reaction. There are two types currently available – the standard and rapid diagnostic tests. Regardless of which you get, when you get this type of test, your healthcare professional will use a nasal swab that is inserted into your nasal cavity. While this can be slightly uncomfortable, it is quick and painless.

The main difference between the standard and rapid options lies in how the sample is processed.

  • Standard PCR: The sample is then placed into a tube and sent to a laboratory to be examined. This is often why some tests take longer to receive back, as the laboratory needs time to properly analyze the swab for any pathogens. The sample is then combined with chemicals and enzymes which can separate the virus from other genetic material. It is then placed into a machine that heats and cools it several times and assessed for any Covid-19 presence.
  • Rapid PCR: The sample can be processed onsite using a specialized machine that detects genetic material from Covid-19 much like its standard cousin. This test can produce results within several hours.

Antigen vs PCR tests

Another type of common test is called the antigen test. This is a much quicker option for testing but produces less accurate results. It is most accurate when the individual is first experiencing symptoms, but loses its accuracy if administered too early or too late. This is because the virus is most present in your body when first exposed. Rapid antigen tests are a good option if you are short on time and need an immediate answer. However, the PCR test is more accurate and should be completed if possible.

How to get tested

There are a few options when considering where to go for testing. The first is to look at what type of test you want.


If you must get an antigen test, you may only be able to go to certain providers. Many times, you can use your pharmacies or professional medical offices to obtain a test. DIY test kits are also available; however, they are not as accurate. This is because the swab can be uncomfortable, resulting in its user potentially not collecting enough of a sample, as the swab does need to go deep into the nasal cavity.

Rapid PCR

Rapid PCR tests are only available from select medical providers. If you don’t have time or want to do your part to prevent potentially exposing others to Covid-19, an excellent option is in-home testing.

Get A Same-Day Rapid PCR In London At Home

If you are experiencing persistent coughing, fever, chills, body aches, and a change in taste or smell, it’s important to get tested immediately. In-home tests are an excellent and convenient option to get the same-day PCR in London.

Drip Hydration offers both antigen and rapid PCR tests, including those that are used for international travel. This is a perfect option if you are not feeling well, as you will eliminate the risk of exposing community members and can rest. A medical professional will come to the location of your choice (such as an office or home) and administer the test quickly and efficiently.

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