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The Top 6 Vitamins For Vegans

vegetables on a farmers market stand

Veganism is a dietary practice of avoiding the consumption of all animal-based products. It differs from vegetarianism in that vegans typically avoid all animal-based products, such as eggs, milk, and butter, rather than just meat.

Though many people choose veganism for social and dietary reasons, it is important to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need as a vegan.

One way to maintain optimal vitamin levels is through the use of supplements.

In this post, we will look at some of the most important vitamins for vegans and how to stay healthy while following a vegan diet.

The Top 6 Vitamins and Nutrients for Vegans

Here we will look at some essential vitamins and nutrients for vegan health.

Vitamin B12

Finding a supplement for B12 is one of the most important things a vegan can do. B12 is important for immune health as well as several other bodily functions but is only found in nature through animal sources. This means to maintain a healthy body, it is a good idea to find a vitamin or nutrient supplement that can provide B12.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a vitamin that is difficult for even non-vegans to get enough of. There are very few natural sources of vitamin D and even fewer for vegans. Without enough vitamin D, the body cannot produce enough of the material it needs to make new bones. This can lead to weak and brittle bones over time. Fortunately, you can obtain vitamin D easily through supplements or by spending time outside.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the most important nutrients a person can get in their bodies. They help improve skin health, heart health, metabolism, and other factors and are generally seen as an important part of any diet. Vegans can find plant-based sources of Omega 3’s through walnuts, edamame, beans, flaxseed, and chia seeds as well as over-the-counter supplements



Calcium works alongside vitamin D to help produce new bone tissue; without enough of these, the body simply cannot make enough new bone tissue to keep our existing bones healthy. This makes us more prone to injury and other complications. Seeds, oranges, fortified cereals, and soybean-based foods are all great vegan sources of calcium.

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Zinc is one of the most important minerals, as it is responsible for creating DNA, the growth of new cells, and various chemical reactions. Humans only need a small amount of it to function normally, but it is very hard to come by naturally. This means taking a zinc supplement is a good choice for overall health.

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Sources of Vitamins and Nutrients

There are two key ways that every person, including vegans, get the vitamins and nutrients they need. One is through diet and the other is through taking supplements.

Scientists suggest that we aim to eat enough of certain foods each day to maintain the levels of different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed throughout the body. You’ve likely seen a food pyramid that describes the different food groups and how much we need. Each group on the list, such as fruits, vegetables, or grains, provides important components to our bodies.

While most vitamins and nutrients can be substituted naturally in a vegan diet, not everything is found in foods if you don’t eat meat or dairy. That’s why the use of supplements is so important. Many people take a multivitamin to help improve the levels of certain vitamins and nutrients. IV infusions can also be an effective choice to help replenish low levels of essential vitamins.

Before you just start taking vitamins and supplements, be sure to understand what you are taking and why. The first thing to do is talk with your doctor and get a good analysis of your diet. Certain vitamins and supplements are essential to a healthy diet and a healthy body, but it’s equally important to avoid overloading on a vitamin or mineral.

Last words

A vegan diet can be great for your health for many reasons, but with a vegan diet comes the risk of certain nutritional deficiencies as well. To protect yourself from these deficiencies and improve your overall health and well-being, talking with your doctor about what vitamins you will need as a vegan is essential. Developing a healthy supplement plan is the best way to stay vegan and protect your health at the same time.

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Vitamin IV Therapy - Frequently Asked Questions

What is IV therapy, and how does it work?

IV therapy is a process in which fluids, vitamins, minerals, and/or medications are administered into the bloodstream via a catheter. The catheter is inserted into a blood vein, the IV infusion bag is hung over the patient’s head, and gravity slowly drips the contents of the bag into the patient’s bloodstream.

Who can benefit from IV therapy?

Individuals in many walks of life can benefit from IV Therapy, including:

  • Athletes wanting to recover from an intense workout quickly
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  • Individuals who struggle with low vitamin levels or digestive absorption issues
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What types of IV therapy treatments are available?

Drip Hydration offers a wide range of IV treatment options. Our IV infusions contain vitamins, fluids, minerals, electrolytes to help address many health and wellness targets.

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  • Beauty
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  • All-Inclusive
  • NAD+
  • NAD+ Boost
  • Iron

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy offers many potential wellness benefits, including:

  • Rehydration
  • Boost low levels of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes
  • Help boost immune health
  • Help provide fast relief from symptoms of hangovers, stomach flu, headaches, jet lag, and more

In addition to these benefits, specialty treatments such as NAD+ may provide additional anti-aging, metabolic, and neurological benefits.