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How to Get a Vitamin D Shot in Boise

One of the most frustrating things a person trying to be healthy can deal with is unexplained symptoms when it seems like nothing should be wrong with them. For instance, suddenly feeling fatigued and like you don’t have the same energy you used to or feeling weakness in the muscles with no probable cause can be frustrating. This may be a sign of something you wouldn’t notice, a vitamin D deficiency.

Many of the vitamins and minerals we ingest have a specific role in our bodies, and not getting enough can lead to severe consequences. One way to correct a deficiency quickly and get to feeling yourself is with a vitamin D booster shot.

How does our body use vitamin D?

Our body uses vitamin D for one of its most important processes: creating the components that make up bone, calcium, and phosphorus. We need new bones to constantly rebuild ourselves from wear and tear. Not getting enough vitamin D will lead to weak and brittle bones more prone to fracturing.

How does a booster shot help?

It’s difficult for your body to get enough vitamin D naturally since it can only absorb so much from foods and sunlight, and the counter supplements provide very little benefit. A booster shot gets around this by injecting the vitamin D directly into the bloodstream, giving the body the chance to absorb more at once.

Get an In-Home Vitamin D Shot in Boise

Vitamin D helps support healthy energy levels, mood, immune function, and more. Replenish low levels of this essential vitamin with in-home shots administered by one of our registered nurses.

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