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Is Antibody Covid Testing Available In Dallas?

A Covid-19 antibody test will quickly determine if you previously had this virus – whether or not you had symptoms. In-home testing is a fast and convenient way to get your results without having to go out and potentially exposing yourself to the virus. Here’s how you can get antibody testing in Dallas.

Understanding the Covid-19 antibody test

An antibody is a protein produced by white blood cells that defends against antigens (harmful bacteria, viruses, and other foreign substances). Antibodies bind to the intruder and destroy it.

Every type of antibody defends against a specific antigen. This is why you’re less likely to catch the same cold twice, since your body has built up a defense against that virus.

An antibody test, also known as a serology test, determines whether you previously had Covid-19, even if you never showed symptoms. During this test, your nurse will perform a venipuncture blood draw or finger stick.

Your antibody test will look for the presence of:

  • IgM (Immunoglobulin M) antibodies: These antibodies are your first line of defense against any kind of illness and develop earlier in your infection.
  • IgG (Immunoglobulin G) antibodies: These antibodies typically show up later in your infection, sometimes after you’ve recovered from your illness. These are the most common types of antibodies and are responsible for remembering illnesses you’ve had before, helping provide protection against the same illnesses in the future.

Where can Dallas residents get an antibody test?

Places that Dallas residents may be able to get antibody tests include:

  • Certain healthcare providers (your doctor may be able to test you)
  • Private clinics or pharmacies, like CVS Minute Clinic
  • In-home medical service providers

Why get antibody testing in Dallas?

There are many possible reasons you might want to get a Covid-19 Antibody test. Examples of reasons can vary greatly, from a doctor’s request to personal curiosity. The good news is that all of these reasons are legit, and the test can be safely done in your home.

You should only get an antibody test if you have been sick with the virus and recovered or if you want to know if you previously had the infection (with or without symptoms). If you think you are currently sick with Covid-19, you should not get an antibody test. Instead, you should get a Covid-19 test.

In-home testing: a safer, easier option

Getting tested at home by an on-site medical service provider like Drip Hydration is one of the safest and most convenient options available. These services will send a nurse to your home and administer a blood draw for antibody testing to you and others in your household. The nurse will then submit samples to a lab for processing, and the service will contact you once the results come back.

Getting tested at home offers the most convenience with the lowest risk of exposure to Covid-19. This is especially valuable for those living with people in vulnerable groups, or who have families that would otherwise need multiple appointments.

Fast And Safe Covid-19 Testing At Home With Drip Hydration

Whether you are feeling unwell, have recently been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of Covid-19, or simply want to know if you’ve already had the virus, in-home tests provide fast and convenient answers.

Let Drip Hydration help you and your family with getting an antibody test in Dallas. Our expert nurses can quickly visit your home and administer blood draws to you and your family for antibody testing. Our nurses also can provide Covid-19 tests in your home.

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