Blood test tube labeled "Coronavirus" held with gloves.

Where To Get Covid Testing In Mesquite, TX

If you need to get Covid testing in Mesquite, TX, we share the information you need to ensure you get the test you need, when you need it.

Making sure you choose the right test

If you are getting tested to fulfill a travel requirement, make sure you get the right type of Covid-19 test. Travel requirements to places like Hawaii specify that negative PCR test results are needed. Without them, you may get turned away, or even forced to quarantine once in Hawaii for 14 days, which could be longer than your trip.

PCR tests are more accurate than antigen tests, which is why some places require PCR tests. RT-PCR tests require lab processing and are considered the gold standard in accuracy, at the cost of 48-72 hour turnaround times for results. Rapid PCR tests have recently emerged, but they are not yet easily or as cheaply accessible as the RT-PCR. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get test results!

Locations for Covid testing in Mesquite, TX

Several locations around the Mesquite area are currently providing Covid tests. Note that some places may require pre-registration online before arriving to get tested.

Although local testing options are a convenient option for many people, there is always a slight risk of exposure to Covid-19, especially the Delta variant, at clinics and test sites. Avoiding waiting rooms at clinics and testing sites with in-home means avoiding possible exposure to Covid-19 and its variants in the process of getting tested.

Get Tested At Home With Drip Hydration

If you need Covid testing in Mesquite, TX, let Drip Hydration bring testing to your home! You can call or book online to arrange for one of our Registered Nurses to come to your home and administer a Covid-19 test. We offer mobile rapid antigen, rapid Accula PCR, RT-PCR, and antibody testing services.

We also offer progressive group discounts, meaning the whole household can get tested at once regardless of age. Keep life simple for you and your family with Drip Hydration’s mobile Covid-19 testing services – reach out to us to book an appointment today!