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The Importance Of IV Therapy After Drug Detox

Anyone who has recently undergone drug detox may feel overwhelmed at the task of juggling their health while rewriting their journeys. In this article we discuss how in-home IV therapy can play a vital role in setting up those with substance use disorders for success as they reclaim their lives.

What is IV therapy? Does it really work?

IV therapy – short for intravenous therapy – introduces a carefully formulated combination of vitamins, supplements, and/or medications directly into a person’s bloodstream. This is usually done using a needle connected to a bag of sterile, hydrating fluids by a long, thin plastic tube commonly known as an IV.

IV therapy can be very effective when used properly. Putting vitamins and medicines directly in the blood stream allows them to start working more quickly than if they had to go through your digestive system first. It also means there is a 100% absorption rate of the ingredients so that nothing is lost in the digestive process. In other words, IV therapy means your body gets what it needs faster.

How can NAD IV therapy help after drug detox?

To understand how NAD IV therapy can help support a lasting recovery, one must start with learning about nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). This is a coenzyme produced naturally by the human body which is involved in restoring muscle function and energy levels, improving brain regeneration, and mood-boosting. It counteracts tissue damage at the cellular level.

NAD levels decline naturally as we age, but this decline can be accelerated by sleep issues, environmental factors, stress, and drug use, among other factors.

NAD IV therapy during detox can help lessen withdrawal symptoms and shorten the length of the detox process. Ongoing NAD therapy after detox has further benefits, including:

  • Reduced cravings
  • Improved memory and clarity (helps clear “Brain Fog”)
  • Helps the body regulate withdrawal-related anxiety and depression

NAD IV therapy can include just NAD coenzymes, or it can incorporate other vitamins and supplements to enhance the effectiveness of treatment. These additional ‘boosts’ can improve energy and mood as well.

Taken all together, NAD IV treatments after drug therapy can help repair your body at the cellular level and help you recover from drug use faster.

What to expect from on-site IV therapy

Should you and your clinician decide NAD IV therapy is right for you, an on-site appointment is far more convenient and effective than traditional inpatient facilities. NAD IV sessions typically take between 3-4 hours, but they do not entirely inhibit your movement. You can relax and watch a movie, read a book, or even work during the session.

A nurse will come to whatever location you schedule and bring all of the materials necessary for the session. They will administer the IV and then remain on-site to monitor your progress and answer any questions you may have. Once the session is over, you can resume your normal activities. There is no adjustment or rest period required after a session; on the contrary, you’re likely to come out of the session feeling refreshed and reinvigorated!

Elite Home Detox Can Help You Overcome Drug Use For Good

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