person applying a patch on skin

Is Using a Glutathione Patch Effective?

person applying a patch on skin

Glutathione is a naturally-occurring antioxidant of the human body. However, due to age, illness, or a variety of other reasons, you may require an additional boost. Luckily, there are several routes you can take to get a boost of glutathione, including through an IV, a shot, or by wearing a patch.

Glutathione Patch

Patches are a popular way to get glutathione into your system. However, many people wonder if using a glutathione patch is effective as well as do glutathione patches really work or it doesn’t do anything. Let’s look at the glutathione patch benefits and drawbacks.



  • Can improve the health and pigment of your skin
  • Allows glutathione to seep into your bloodstream


  • Not as effective or fast-acting as shots or IV therapy
  • Users experience mixed results
iv bag

IV Glutathione

IV glutathione therapy is one of the most effective ways of getting glutathione directly into your bloodstream. Your blood circulates throughout your body and quickly carries the glutathione where it’s needed most. The glutathione pros and cons are explained below:


  • IV glutathione is fast-acting and long-lasting
  • You can customize the ingredients of your IV therapy and add other vital supplements into the mix
  • IV therapy can also rehydrate your body if needed
  • IV glutathione therapy can help with the aging process


  • IV therapy can be dangerous if it’s being administered by an inexperienced individual
  • IV therapy isn’t a long-term solution and requires repeat treatments

Glutathione Shots

Glutathione can also be administered via a shot or injection.

injection and vials with liquid


  • Delivers a concentrated dose of glutathione similar to an IV therapy
  • Offers fast-acting results
  • More effective than taking oral supplements


  • Getting a shot always presents the risk of infection at the site of injection
  • Shots can also cause a rash, redness, irritation, and other skin problems

Each of these methods is effective in its own way, and you should choose the method you’re most comfortable with.

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