NAD IV Treatment Detox

NAD IV Therapy

how vitamin drips can boost your immune systemThe wellness and proactive healthcare revolution has pushed NAD IV Therapy to the forefront of boutique healthcare. As a close cousin to stacking vitamins and taking supplements, it has proven itself to be an effective means of treating several different chronic ailments including, hang overs, exhaustion and nausea. However, NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) IV therapy stands apart by treating those who are struggling.

NAD Therapy’s Origin

How vitamin drips can boost your immune system antioxidants
Though the hype surrounding NAD hydration therapy is relatively new in America, people have been using it since the 1960’s. It was an addiction treatment pioneered in South Africa to deal with a rash of addicts that beleaguered the country. It found its place in the states at an addiction treatment clinic in Springfield, Louisiana and it was a massive success for those suffering from cravings and withdrawals. The Springfield addiction center established by psychotherapist Paula Mestayer and her husband Richard a practicing psychiatrist after intensive research. In fact, after their studies were completed on the effectiveness of NAD therapy in the treatment of drug addiction, they used it as the foundation for the Springfield Wellness Center they opened in 2001, where they have helped more than a thousand patients.

What NAD Can Do for You

How vitamin drips can boost your immune system with cold flu reliefThanks to the work done at the Springfield Wellness center it was proven that NAD therapy was more than useful, the question was, how did it work? This holistic IV treatment is able to help addicts by using amino acids to fight the damage and dependency done by narcotics. The active ingredient Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) metabolic co-enzyme that is able to rebuild, repair and restructure a body that has been ravaged by drugs. These specialized enzymes require constant replenishment in the body. You see alcohol and drugs actually reprogram the brain on a cellular level cause it to crave that substance exponentially. This brain reprograming is called neuroadaptation and it is what causes the brain damage and destruction of neurotransmitters associated with addiction. NAD IV therapy repairs this damage by replenishing the enzymes stripped by addiction.

NAD Therapy and IV Hydration Services

Today, as NAD Therapy has become more ubiquitous it has been streamlined to be comfortable for the patient so they can relax during the requisite eight hours it take to administer. According to some research NAD therapy can reduce withdrawal symptoms by between 70%-80% though this is mostly anecdotal. Patients report feeling much improved around the fourth to eighth treatment, noting improved mental acuity and an overall increased sense of well-being. But, it is essential that patients complete the full course of infusion therapy to reduce or eliminate the addictive urges.