NAD IV Therapy For Anti-Aging

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide or NAD is a powerful naturally occurring coenzyme involved in vital bodily functions.

As the body ages, NAD levels fall, resulting in signs of aging. IV NAD for anti-aging boosts NAD+ levels, which supports anti-aging outcomes that can impact the following:

NAD's Role in Your Metabolism

NAD works on mitochondria and increases the length of telomeres, which are the protective caps located at the ends of chromosomes that become shorter as the body ages. NAD increases the activity of SIRT1 and PARP 1 proteins, which are linked with a slower rate of aging and influencing DNA repair respectively. – source


  • NAD is a coenzyme naturally produced by your body that plays a central role in anti-aging.
  • Levels of NAD decrease due to age, stress, and environmental factors and are linked with the development of age-related conditions.
  • Restoring NAD may help slow or reverse aging by helping support cell health and integrity, correcting DNA damage, energy metabolism, brain health, and more.
  • In-home IV therapy offers a schedule-friendly way to restore NAD levels, with treatments taking 2 -3 hours per infusion over the course of several weeks, as determined by a medical professional.
  • Periodic booster NAD injections or IV infusions may help maintain optimal levels of this essential coenzyme.

What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD is a powerful coenzyme that naturally occurs in all mammals. As a coenzyme, its main purpose is to assist enzymes in the body undertake cellular functions that include:

  • energy transfer
  • oxidation
  • reduction of molecules

NAD occurs in two forms, an oxidized form, NAD+ and a reduced form, NADH. While NAD+ is involved in energy transfer, its reduced form, NADH is the body’s most powerful antioxidant, responsible for eliminating free radicals in the body.

Why is NAD in its different forms so important to the body? When you are young, your body has high levels of NAD. These high levels ensure your cells have a good supply of energy and the body has low levels of free radicals. As you age, NAD levels begin to fall. This results in less energy available to your cells and an increase in free radicals.

When this happens, your cells begin to malfunction. This malfunctioning is what we call aging. From this, signs of aging such as reduced muscle performance, diminished brain function, diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and others emerge.


Scientists have found that by increasing NAD levels in the body, signs of aging can be reduced and even reversed. These outcomes may result because NAD can help return your cells to the state they were in when you were young. In other words, NAD can turn back your cells’ biological clock. NAD-induced age reversal can lead to increased athletic and muscle performance, enhanced brain function and health, improved mood, faster recovery from hangovers and better drug rehabilitation outcomes.

What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

Over time, as your NAD levels drop, you need to replenish them to ensure your cells continue to function at optimal levels. Although there are several ways you can take an NAD+ supplement, the most effective and efficient method is through NAD+ IV therapy. NAD+ IV therapy channels the substance directly into your bloodstream, ensuring one hundred percent bioavailability of the substance to your body.

Unlike ingesting an NAD+ supplement, IV therapy bypasses the harsh stomach environment to deliver NAD+ in its purest form straight into your bloodstream. Because of this, you experience faster and more enhanced benefits, allowing you to bounce back faster.

What is in an NAD+ IV Therapy Formula?

At Drip Hydration, our NAD+ IV therapy is formulated to deliver optimal quantities of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide to provide the best possible outcomes. Additionally, the NAD+ supplement formula is enhanced with other conjunctional super nutrients to offer even more health benefits.

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect your NAD+ IV therapy formula to contain:

  • IV Fluids: IV fluids have a sterile saline base that delivers nutrients straight into your bloodstream, rehydrating your body and ensuring full absorption of nutrients.
  • NAD+: The perfect quantity of NAD+ to ensure maximum benefits to the body.
  • Vitamin B12: An important vitamin associated with improved concentration and reducing memory loss.
  • B-Complex Vitamins: A cocktail of eight different vitamins each performing a range of essential functions including conversion of food to energy, boosting immunity, and supporting cardiovascular functions.
two women getting IV therapy at their home
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is involved in supporting and enhancing a wide range of body functions associated with your muscles, bones, immunity and circulatory system.
  • Glutathione: This powerful antioxidant detoxifies your body, enhances your immunity, and eliminates free radicals from your body.

Why Get NAD+ IV Therapy?

NAD+ for More Energy

NAD works closely with mitochondria, the “batteries” of the body, to provide energy to cells. With an increased supply of NAD, mitochondria and other energy-related bioprocesses work more efficiently, delivering more energy to cells. This heightened availability of cellular energy translates into an overall sense of more bodily energy and vitality. 2

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NAD+ for Resistance to Disease

Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,3 multiple sclerosis, various cancers,4 and cardiovascular disease are all caused by a chain reaction of cellular defects and failures. As the top coenzyme in the body, low NAD levels are directly or indirectly linked to the development of these diseases. NAD+ IV therapy boosts NAD levels in the body, which may help stop and reverse these negative disease-causing chain reactions.

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NAD+ for Anti-aging

In a 2017 NAD Harvard study, scientists subjected two-year-old mice cells to NAD therapy. After therapy, the cells resembled those of six-month-old mice. In terms of human years, this would be the equivalent of sixty-year-old cells resembling twenty-year-old cells. This experiment demonstrates the potential anti-aging power of NAD.

NAD+ for Weight Management

Because of its energy enhancing properties, NAD is also closely related to metabolism, a key factor in weight management. Low NAD levels result in reduced cellular energy, which then results in a depressed basal metabolic rate (BMR). NAD+ IV therapy supplies more NAD to the body, which can boos metabolism and increase the body’s ability to burn calories while at rest. 5

NAD+ for Elimination of Free Radicals

Free radicals are charged molecules that accumulate in the body and negatively affect cellular functioning.6 For instance, free radicals are known to inhibit mitochondrial functioning. When administered, NAD+ transforms to NADH, the body’s most powerful antioxidant. NADH significantly reduces the number of free radical molecules in the body, allowing cellular processes to operate at optimal levels.

NAD+ for Boosted Immunity

Low immunity and autoimmune diseases are associated with low levels of NAD in the body. NAD boosts immunity by increasing the amount of oxygen entering cells, as well as enhancing other immunity factors associated with fighting infection and reducing inflammation. NAD+ IV therapy may be beneficial for anyone struggling with recurrent infections and low immunity levels. 7

NAD+ for Enhanced Cognitive Functioning

The brain relies on high levels of cellular energy to function well. When NAD levels are low, cellular energy levels also go down. Through NAD+ IV therapy, availability of cellular energy is enhanced.

This can lead to better cognitive functioning outcomes such as enhanced memory, sharper and longer concentration, mental clarity and overall brain health. 8

Illustration of a brain
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NAD+ for Better Muscle and Athletic Performance

With advancing age and frequent exertion, muscles lose their strength and vitality.

This muscular degeneration is primarily caused by low levels of NAD, which in turn prevents mitochondria from supplying adequate amounts of energy to muscle cells.

With NAD+ IV therapy, NAD levels are restored, allowing mitochondria to supply adequate amounts of energy to the muscles, keeping them strong and healthy for longer.

How Long Does NAD+ IV Therapy Take?

When you schedule an NAD+ IV, the treatment will be organized as a multi-week treatment plan with multiple IVs administered throughout the treatment.

How Does A NAD+ Delivery IV Appointment Work?

Drip Hydration NAD+ IV therapy treatments are not only effective but very convenient too. When you book an appointment, our nurse will come to your desired location. The nurse will come with all the necessary equipment, so you will not need to get anything for the appointment.

The nurse will then set up the IV and position the IV bag over your head, a well-accepted practice in the medical field as it utilizes gravity to drip the IV contents into your arm. We recommend having a comfortable chair or sofa that you can sit in as the IV is administered. The nurse will then connect the IV bag to your arm via a slender catheter and tubing.

Once set up, all you need to do is sit back and relax as the IV fluid enters your bloodstream. We recommend planning some passive activities to do during the session. You could watch TV, read a book or do anything else that you can enjoy while seated. Our nurse will be on hand to monitor the entire process.

Where Do You Deliver NAD+ IV Therapy?

As a flexible and dynamic delivery service, Drip’s NAD+ IV therapy can be delivered to any location you currently are. This includes, but is not limited to, your office, health club, home, spa, tour bus, gym, hotel, festival, private event, or virtually any other location. Our only requirement is the location has a comfortable and stationary space where we can set up the IV and administer it with no interruptions. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you get the treatment you need where you want.

How Often Can You Get NAD IV Therapy for Anti-Aging?

With the remarkable benefits of NAD, it is understandable that most people will want as many NAD+ IVs as possible. At Drip Hydration, we have carefully crafted the optimal NAD+ IV treatment to deliver the most benefits to you. A typical NAD+ IV treatment for anti-aging is administered as an ongoing treatment stretching over several weeks.

Over this period, several NAD+ IVs are given. Once the treatment is complete, you can opt to undertake another course of treatment after a short wait period. NAD+ is administered in this way to allow the body to gradually assimilate the molecules and begin the work of restoring and reverting cellular processes to their optimal levels.

Take the First Step towards Better Health with NAD Therapy

Take control of your health and address your biggest health concerns with NAD therapy. Consult with a trusted medical professional today to explore the potential benefits of NAD and find personalized solutions for your unique needs.

  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Privacy
  • Personalized care
  • Flexible scheduling

Transform your health with NAD therapy and experience the life-changing benefits of personalized treatment tailored to your unique needs.

NAD - Frequently Asked Questions

What is NAD?

NAD is a coenzyme that is naturally produced by the body and is essential for various physiological processes, including energy production and DNA repair. It is found in all living cells and plays a critical role in many of the body's metabolic processes. NAD is a dinucleotide, which means that it consists of two nucleotides joined together. It is made up of two molecules: nicotinamide and adenine, which are joined together by a phosphate group.

NAD is involved in a wide range of biological processes, including the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and is essential for the proper functioning of the body's cells and tissues.

What can I expect during a NAD IV treatment?

Our nurse will arrive at your location of choice with all the equipment necessary for the appointment. They will then administer the IV into your arm and stay with you to monitor the treatment and answer any questions you may have.

Our NAD IV treatments generally last couple of hours per session. You can sit back, watch a movie or a favorite show, browse social media, or even work while the treatment is in progress.

What sets Drip Hydration apart from other NAD IV treatment providers?

Drip Hydration brings appointments directly to you whether you are at home, at a hotel, or at the office. We make getting at home NAD IV treatments easy and convenient, saving you the time and hassle of sitting in traffic or waiting in a clinic.

Is NAD right for me?

You don’t have to wait until you are experiencing a medical condition to enjoy the benefits of NAD IV therapy. NAD plays a role in hundreds of chemical functions throughout your body. This versatile treatment helps promote whole-body wellness and can help your body maintain optimal performance over time.

Is IV therapy FDA approved?

IV therapy in general is FDA approved. Our nurses are overseen by our Medical Director, Abe Malkin, and every nurse is registered and certified per state standards.

Is NAD safe?

NAD is considered a dietary supplement, not a drug. The FDA does not currently evaluate dietary supplements in their current regulations. However, NAD is well-tolerated, meaning that there are rarely side effects.

How long do IV treatments take?

Our IV NAD treatments take couple of hours to administer per session. The number of sessions vary by individual and will be determined during your initial consultation.

Does NAD help battle aging?

Some studies have suggested that NAD may have anti-aging effects by helping to support the production of enzymes that are involved in DNA repair and maintenance, which are essential for maintaining healthy cells and tissues. Additionally, NAD may support the production of enzymes that are involved in the body's natural detoxification processes, which can help to reduce the effects of oxidative stress and support healthy aging. 

Does NAD Improve metabolic function?

Some studies have suggested that NAD may support healthy metabolism by helping to regulate the body's energy production and utilization, and may also support the production of enzymes that are involved in various metabolic processes. Additionally, NAD may support the body's natural detoxification processes, which are important for maintaining overall health and wellness.

How often can I get an NAD treatment?

NAD IV treatments are most effective when used over time. You can get treatments several times per month unless you are otherwise advised during your initial consultation.

What can I expect to feel after a NAD IV drip?

Following a NAD IV drip, most patients feel more energetic, clearer-headed, and focused. Regular treatments may improve these effects over time.

Is there any downtime or recovery after a NAD drip?

Not at all! You can resume your normal activities immediately after your appointment. Where do you deliver NAD IV treatments? Drip Hydration delivers NAD IV treatments anywhere within our service areas, which you can find on our service area pages. That said, we recommend choosing a comfortable place for NAD treatments since this type of IV takes couple of hours per appointment.

How is IV NAD better than an oral NAD supplement?

IV NAD is delivered directly into your bloodstream, where it becomes available to your cells for immediate use. Because NAD bypasses the digestive and metabolic systems, you can expect a 100% absorption rate for maximum effect and minimal waste. Oral NAD supplements, on the other hand, must pass through your digestive system, where they are partly metabolized before your body has access to orally given NAD.

What is the difference between a NAD IV and a vitamin drip?

There are two main differences between a NAD IV and a Vitamin Drip: duration and ingredients. NAD IVs generally take couple of hours to administer per session while vitamin drips take 30 - 45 minutes. Our vitamin drips are specially blended to improve a variety of symptoms and ailments. Our NAD+ Boost treatments contains vitamins that can help make this IV more effective with longer-lasting effects.

Do I need any special supplies for my NAD IV appointment?

No, you do not need any special supplies. Our nurse will bring everything needed for the appointment.

Does NAD improve brain health and function?

NAD is believed to have potential benefits for brain health and function, although more research is needed to fully understand its effects. Some studies have suggested that NAD may have neuroprotective effects, meaning that it may help to protect the brain from damage and support healthy brain function. Additionally, NAD may support the production of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that help to transmit signals between the brain's cells, and may help to improve cognitive function and memory.


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