Can NAD Help You Improve Your Athletic Performance?

Ever since sports and athletic competitions were invented, people have been looking for a competitive edge. While some are desperate enough to try illegal or unhealthy substances, there are much better and healthier ways to boost your game. This pursuit has many people wondering if naturally occurring components of your body, such as NAD, can help prove your athletic performance.

What is NAD?

Simply put, NAD is a dinucleotide found in every single cell of your body. NAD is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and is one of the most important components to sustaining and improving your body.

Without NAD, your body would shut down and cease to function. They are a naturally recurring phenomenon of the human body and perform numerous vital functions, including boosting your metabolism, fighting the aging process, and improving your athletic abilities.

Functions Performed by NAD

Here are some of the most basic functions of NAD in the human body. Many of these functions are vital to staying young and maintaining your athleticism.

  • Regulates your enzyme production
  • Helps to control gene regulation
  • Repairs damaged DNA molecules
  • Regulates your cell production and growth
  • Signals calcium molecules in your body to aid in bone density
  • Fights the aging process of the mind and body
  • Converts food into energy
  • Boosts your metabolism

How Can NAD Help With Athletic Improvement?

The full effects that NAD has on the human body are still being analyzed. However, there’s little doubt that having a high concentration of NAD in your body will boost your athletic abilities and help you feel younger and stronger. NAD will speed up your metabolism and increase your ability to convert fats, carbs, and amino acids into energy, but it can also help in other ways.

Athletes who take a concentrated dose of NAD+ show marked improvements in a number of areas, including:

  • Strength

Increased NAD will help you strengthen your muscles faster and more than ever before.

  • Stamina and Endurance

Because NAD speeds up the metabolism, it helps you convert food to energy faster and longer than with normal amounts of NAD.

  • Recovery

One of the biggest ways NAD improves athletic performance is in the recovery process. NAD has been shown to reduce muscle soreness and help individuals regain their stamina and endurance faster than usual.

  • Memory and Focus

While NAD is crucial for your physical health, it’s also been shown to improve your mental health and strength. Improved memory, focus, and mental stamina are three main ways that NAD helps you mentally.

NAD IV Treatments Vs. NAD Oral Supplements

There’s little doubt that NAD in various forms can help you improve your athletic performance. The biggest decision you’ll have to make, however, is if you prefer oral supplements or IV treatments to increase your NAD intake.

NAD Oral Supplements

NAD oral supplements are one of the most popular ways of adding NAD to your body. Oral supplements are helpful, but they take longer to have an effect, and you typically require frequent doses. Additionally, there is a seemingly endless supply of NAD oral supplements to choose from, which can add to the complications.

NAD IV Treatments

The more effective way to get NAD into your body is to inject it via a NAD IV treatment. This type of treatment gets NAD+ directly into your bloodstream and allows it to take instant effect. It also delivers a more concentrated dose of NAD, which is exactly what you need for quick improvements to your athletic performance. IV therapy also allows additional vitamins and minerals to join NAD in your bloodstream for increased effectiveness.

Get NAD Therapy Without Leaving Home

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