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Can You Get A Same Day Rapid Covid-19 Test In Miami?

Miami residents in need of a Covid-19 test may have heard about rapid antigen tests and want to get the process over with as quickly and painlessly as possible. But is a rapid antigen test the best option for your needs? And how can you get a same-day rapid Covid-19 test in Miami? Read on to learn more.

The pros and cons of rapid antigen tests

The most accurate Covid-19 test available, the RT-PCR test, is designed to detect the genetic material of viral cells. Rapid antigen tests, on the other hand, detect the protein layer encasing the genetic material of the virus. Because of this, rapid antigen tests are less sensitive, causing 1 in 5 false negative results.

Despite being less accurate, rapid antigen tests are very valuable when used on a mass scale – the majority of infected people are identified and quarantined, thus greatly reducing the spread. The fact that it can produce results in 15 minutes – versus the 24-72 hours necessary for RT-PCR lab processing – makes it a practical tool for employers and public event venues to keep people safe. The speed of rapid antigen tests is also valuable for families who need fast answers and cannot wait the standard turnaround time.

A more accurate alternative

If you are getting tested as part of a general screening requirement, then rapid antigen testing may be the fast solution for you. However, if you are a person at high risk of severe symptoms, or a loved one in their social bubble, you may need a more accurate solution that doesn’t sacrifice speed.

Consider the Accula Rapid PCR test. The Accula test returns results in 30 minutes without the need for lab processing, and has a much higher accuracy than the rapid antigen test. Like the RT-PCR test, the Accula test detects the RNA of the virus itself. Currently, the Accula test is only available from select healthcare providers.

The challenges of getting tested

While there are many testing sites throughout the county, many of them have limitations that make it difficult to get a same day rapid Covid-19 test in Miami. Some are drive through or walk up only; many have age limitations; some are not designed with ease of accessibility in mind; and others are by appointment only. Some drive through sites limit the number of people who can be in the car.

Given that each trip to get tested poses an opportunity to contract the virus, households with multiple people of various ages who need to be tested are at increased risk.

Individuals with special accessibility needs, difficulties with mask wearing, or other situations requiring accommodation may want to call ahead to ensure the testing site can meet their needs.

Covid-19 testing at home – practical and convenient

If you have specific health needs, or you just want to skip the hassle of getting tested in person, consider hiring an onsite medical services provider like Drip Hydration.

An in-home service sends a nurse to your home to administer rapid tests to you and your family. Upon processing the sample, the nurse will let you know if anyone tested positive and advise you on what to do next.

Where to find a same day rapid Covid-19 test in Miami


With Drip Hydration, Covid-19 Testing Is A Click Away

With as little as 24 hours notice, you can schedule a nurse to come to your home and administer rapid antigen, rapid Accula, and other Covid-19 tests to you and your household. You can trust in the results of one of the most accurate rapid tests available, administered by a medical professional. If someone tests positive, the experts at Drip Hydration can give you advice on what to do next to keep everyone safe.

Before dismissing our services as too costly, ask about our progressive discounts for groups and families, which start with appointments of two people or more. If you’re a PPO insurance holder, you may be eligible for partial reimbursement of our services. Reach out today using the button below or give us a call.