COVID-19 test tube among other tubes.

Where To Find A Covid Testing Walk In Clinic In Dallas, TX

If you need a Covid-19 test, you will likely want to get it over with as soon as possible for peace of mind. Where can you find a Covid-19 testing walk in clinic in Dallas, TX?

How to choose the correct test

If you are getting testing to fulfill a travel requirement, it’s important to ensure you take the right test. Some requirements dictate that PCR tests be used, which are much more accurate than rapid antigen tests.

RT-PCR tests require lab processing and typically take 48-72 hours to produce results, but a rapid version of the test has emerged that is more widely available. Though some places have Rapid PCR tests, they are only available at select locations.

Where to find a walk in clinic in Dallas, TX

Dallas residents have several walk-in clinics to choose from. Please note that some places may require you to complete a registration including health screening before you show up to get tested.

Get Tested At Home With Drip Hydration

Instead of scrambling to get to a walk-in clinic in Dallas TX and risking exposing yourself to Covid-19 in the waiting room, let Drip Hydration bring testing to you. We offer rapid antigen and rapid Accula PCR testing, meaning you can get the results you need in 30 minutes or less. We also offer RT-PCR and antibody lab testing so that you can get results you trust.

You can call or book an appointment online for one of our Registered Nurses to come to your home and administer the Covid-19 test of your choice. Does your entire family need to get tested? Our progressive group discounts are just another reason to get tested at home; plus, our tests do not have any age restrictions.
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