What is the Best Treatment For Vitamin D Deficiency? 

Not getting enough nutrients can be very detrimental to your health, but most of the time, we can manage just by doing basic everyday things like exercising and eating right. However, if you suffer from a specific lack of a particular nutrient, such as having a legitimate vitamin D deficiency, then it is important to know your options and the best way to treat the deficiency.

Before you take action, it is always advised to see your doctor and discuss your overall health and what a vitamin D deficiency can mean for you as well as what the best ways to correct the condition are for your unique situation.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the best treatment options available for folks with a vitamin D deficiency and which ones work better than others.

Diet changes

One of the first things we can do for ourselves when we are not getting enough nutrients is to add foods to our diet that are rich in what we need. This is especially true for those with a deficiency that needs immediate attention. Fortunately, if you have a vitamin D deficiency, there are quite a few foods you can add to your diet that can help add vitamin D to your body regardless of any restrictions you may have on your diet.

Some examples of foods include: various types of fish, tuna, sardines, and the like are a rich source of vitamin D as well as essential oils and are a great replacement for other sources of meat in your diet. Replacing a couple of servings of beef or pork a week with fish can make a big difference. Egg yolks and animal liver are other sources of vitamin D. You can also find vitamin D added to a number of things like milk, juice, and cereal. Look for products that say “fortified with vitamin D.


Most of us have likely heard that sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D. In fact, outside of food, it is our primary source of vitamin D. Unfortunately, though, studies have shown that many people are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency simply because they no longer get outside as much as they used to. Many of us work indoor jobs, work remotely from home, don’t have time to go for a jog or visit a park, or simply just aren’t outdoors a lot in our daily life, and this can massively impact the amount of vitamin D we receive.

Just a few minutes a day can make the difference in whether or not a person has the right amount of vitamin D in their system or not. It is important to be cautious about sun exposure, though even though vitamin D is good for you and, in fact, necessary, too much exposure can be harmful to the skin.

Always wear sunscreen and limit exposure to the sun to a few minutes at a time to lower the risk for skin cancer and other problems as a result of getting too much sun.

Oral vitamins

Another way to help supplement the amount of vitamin D you’re getting from other sources is to take oral vitamins. Many supplements and multivitamins contain a good deal of vitamin D, and there are vitamins specifically for getting more vitamin D. Taking these in combination with diet changes can be effective at boosting your overall vitamin D level.

One thing to note is that even for adults, the amount of nutrients we get from vitamins is limited because it is difficult for the body to process a significant amount from oral vitamins. Taking a multivitamin each day is good, but relying on oral supplements alone to combat a vitamin deficiency is a bad idea. A person simply can’t get enough of what they need from oral vitamins.

Vitamin IV infusions

If you suffer from a severe deficiency or have a condition that has you constantly needing to replace nutrients in your body, such as anemia or another disorder, then one of the most effective ways to get the nutrients you need is through an IV infusion.

Vitamin IV infusions are designed to deliver the nutrients your body needs as fast and efficiently as possible. The nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream so that the body is able to absorb more of them much more quickly. In fact, an IV infusion is the fastest and most effective way of getting tons of vitamin D delivered straight to your body. You can get an IV that contains just vitamin D or one that contains a mix of nutrients that include vitamin D.

The best part is that it is even possible to get an infusion done in the privacy of your own home.

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