How To Get A Myers Cocktail IV Therapy In Orlando

In the working-age, many individuals experience symptoms such as fatigue and fibromyalgia. This can be caused due to a number of issues such as overburdening the body. Thanks to the late Dr. John Myers MD, a treatment known as Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy in Orlando was introduced to treat these generic conditions. The Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy helps manage clinical conditions such as fibromyalgia and muscle spasms.

What is Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy?

Myers’ Cocktail IV Therapy is a vitamin and mineral therapy designed by the late Dr. John Myers, MD. This therapy can treat several ailments that display fatigue, muscle weakness, or lethargy.

Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy: components

The key components of the Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy are vitamins, including vitamin C. B-complex vitamins and vitamin B12. It also includes minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and glutathione. The Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy also contains a saline solution for a combination of all the ingredients. Other ingredients may vary depending on the ailment that is being treated.

Why is Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy good for you?

There are various advantages to receiving a Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy. Magnesium has been found to reduce or prevent asthma attacks, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular diseases, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, upper respiratory tract infections, etc.

In-home treatments are the way to go

In-home treatments are far better than receiving these therapies at a hospital. The Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy can be administered at your home by a professional. They will already have everything that is required for the procedure. Myers’ Cocktail IV therapy in Orlando has grown in popularity and should be considered.

Drip Hydration Brings the Benefits of Myers Cocktail IVs to You, Wherever You Are

If you struggle with low levels of energy or frequent cold and flu infections, a Myers Cocktail IV is what you need. Carefully formulated to boost energy and immunity, the IV therapy formulation delivers just the right amount of Vitamin B12, High Dose Vitamin C, and Magnesium.

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