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How To Get A Same Day Rapid PCR Test In NYC

New York City is a busy place, making social distancing especially challenging. During the pandemic, this has made residents or visitors less inclined to go out, knowing that large crowds are unavoidable. Getting tested is important if you think you’ve been exposed to Covid-19 or if you are preparing to travel. Here’s where to get a same day rapid PCR test in NYC with quick results.

The advantages of a rapid PCR test

The rapid PCR test establishes if the patient currently has the Covid-19 virus. Unlike the standard RT-PCR, the rapid PCR does not need to be sent to a lab for processing and provides comparably accurate results. This test is ideal for those who need to get tested before traveling, are experiencing symptoms, or want to be tested before going out to a community event.

Where can you get tested in NYC?

Testing is crucial for ensuring our communities are safe, as well as taking the appropriate safety precautions as provided by the CDC. NYC residents have several options to find testing sites. Not all sites offer the rapid PCR test, some have age-based restrictions. It’s important to check the requirements before you travel to the clinic for an appointment.

Traveling and Covid testing requirements

If you are about to travel and need proof of a negative test result, a PCR or rapid PCR test satisfies most flight requirements. The test can be done up to three days in advance of flying. Results outside of this timeframe will not be accepted.

Even if you aren’t travelling somewhere that requires a negative test, it’s important to be tested before and after your flight to ensure you haven’t brought an unwanted guest along with you.

Get A Same Day Rapid PCR Test In New York

Drip Hydration is a mobile medical service offering several different Covid tests in the comfort of your home, including the Accula same-day rapid PCR test in NYC. Our appointments are safe and simple. A certified nurse will arrive at a location of your preference (home, hotel, worksite) and complete testing via nasal swab with results in thirty minutes.

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